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jimlup's Journal
jimlup's Journal
December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve in Detroit

So I went with my family to see the Detroit Lions play on Christmas Eve and we walked several blocks through the city. I was very upset by a sight I saw not once but twice.

Twice we passed a homeless person either passed out or drunk or asleep (but it doesn't really matter) lying face down on the sidewalk trying to get warm by the heat vents which run all around downtown. The temperature out was in the 30's with no sun. Night was falling. These people looked beyond desperate. I knew that the cops would be around soon enough as thousands of fans were walking past. But still I was somewhat shocked. What a horrible sight for nations cities! God what have we come to!

Homeless stray animals are treated far better than people in our poor inner cities. I felt awful and while my life went on - I continued my "middle class" lifestyle (which is hard enough that I don't have "spare change" to help the desperate) - I left feeling our societies basic inhumanity. And the right wing claims we are a "Christian Society". Not in any understanding of "Christian" that I've ever understood.

December 23, 2011


I was entranced by this movie! Wow!

I have never seen a movie that was this sublime and powerful. It is a fascinating interwoven psychological drama about the end of the world.

I would say "Great." It was mesmerizing. I left the film feeling lonely sad and also terrified. It was like an exceptionally vivid nightmare brought to life. That someone had the guts and the artistic ability to put it on screen was inspiring. My hats off to Lars von Trier.

Probably won't get wide play as I doubt that many will "get it". I went with my ex and she feel asleep and was totally bored. It was like taking a deaf person to see Beethoven's 9th. She totally missed the feeling part of it.

I realized that your view of this movie will probably be related to your view of another weird and "deep" movie from earlier in the year "Tree of Life". If you liked one you will likely like the other. Many will hate both and wonder why anyone would pay their respective directors to make them. Others (like me) will praise the directors. Particularly this one as one of the greatest ever to put artistic talent to film.

Too bad it won't get wider play - but I'm guessing the economics of a "deep" movie like this are pretty sour to say the least. Anyway - if you like weird deep movies that explore human emotions and our connection to the universe in a complex way you will enjoy Melancholia.


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