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Member since: Wed Jan 10, 2007, 10:32 PM
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The depravity of the GOP knows no bounds.

McCain and his cronies are holding up the conformation of Hagel for Benghazi conspiracy because we lost 4 people there.

Yet these same bastards still cheer the Iraq war which took over 4,000 brave young people and ruined the lives of many thousands more. I want McCain to explain to me and the public why the deaths of these four people deserve all this time and effort, while he cheerfully covered up the deliberate lies that took a thousand times more lives?

I honestly think McCain has dementia and his buddies are doing him a disservice by not just convincing him to retire to one of his seven houses and watch old war films. As it is, we are stuck with the GOP and the tea party, neither of which give a damn about our soldiers.
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