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Member since: Wed Jan 10, 2007, 10:32 PM
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Open letter to USSC Justice Scalia


Perhaps you have been cooped up in your Ivory Tower too long, but you have seemed to have forgotten just what makes up the basis of the laws of this country.

As evidence, I offer the appointment of GW Bush, followed by all of the laws promoting corporations over the citizens culminating with the Citizen's United ruling. Now you have come out and tried to promote the idea that homosexuality is in the same category as bestiality and murder.

Oh you tried to backtrack on this by saying, “If we cannot have moral feelings against or objections to homosexuality, can we have it against anything?" However we could argue whether your moral feelings about any number of subject and the whole thing would be moot as far as it affects this post.

What I really need to draw your attention to, is that your moral feelings don't mean a f***ing thing in the review of the laws that you and your fellow justices will be taking up. Religious morality has no place in the secular reasoning for the making of laws in this union. It certainly goes against my morals to think of some of your recent decisions from the bench, but that doesn't make them wrong from this standpoint.

It is kind of surprising that one of the serfs that you deem below you needs to remind you of such things. That is supposed to be your area of expertise. I guess this comes from spending too much time at fundraisers for political candidates that you may have to rule against, and taking too literally the fevered rantings of the Christian Taliban.

If you don't understand want this means, maybe one of your clerks can help you, or even better yet, go outside on the streets and ask someone. As long as they aren't from the Tea Party or the Religious Reich they will know and understand the Constitution better than you seem to.


One of the citizens you think you rule.
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