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Member since: Wed Jan 10, 2007, 10:32 PM
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Open letter to USSC Justice Scalia


Perhaps you have been cooped up in your Ivory Tower too long, but you have seemed to have forgotten just what makes up the basis of the laws of this country.

As evidence, I offer the appointment of GW Bush, followed by all of the laws promoting corporations over the citizens culminating with the Citizen's United ruling. Now you have come out and tried to promote the idea that homosexuality is in the same category as bestiality and murder.

Oh you tried to backtrack on this by saying, “If we cannot have moral feelings against or objections to homosexuality, can we have it against anything?" However we could argue whether your moral feelings about any number of subject and the whole thing would be moot as far as it affects this post.

What I really need to draw your attention to, is that your moral feelings don't mean a f***ing thing in the review of the laws that you and your fellow justices will be taking up. Religious morality has no place in the secular reasoning for the making of laws in this union. It certainly goes against my morals to think of some of your recent decisions from the bench, but that doesn't make them wrong from this standpoint.

It is kind of surprising that one of the serfs that you deem below you needs to remind you of such things. That is supposed to be your area of expertise. I guess this comes from spending too much time at fundraisers for political candidates that you may have to rule against, and taking too literally the fevered rantings of the Christian Taliban.

If you don't understand want this means, maybe one of your clerks can help you, or even better yet, go outside on the streets and ask someone. As long as they aren't from the Tea Party or the Religious Reich they will know and understand the Constitution better than you seem to.


One of the citizens you think you rule.

My personal WWI hero.

At 11:00 this morning, 105 years ago, my grandfather was on the Front lines in France, 20 minutes from being sent into the front trenches when the firing stopped and word came down that the Armistice had been signed. Talk about a close call for a young miner and frontiersman from Kentucky.

My grandfather, (I bear his name proudly) was born in 1899 the youngest of 8 children. His father died from a lightening strike as a toddler and he spent his younger years hunting and fishing to feed the family. He went into the army because his ancestors had always fought for this country ever since they came over in the 1760's.

While he was lucky that he didn't get shot in the trenches, Mustard Gas drifted, and he was exposed. For the rest of his life, he would be in and out of Veteran's hospitals, from where he would constantly escape and head home to his wife and children.

When he received his discharge money in 1918, he used it to buy a Remington 'Targetmaster' .22 cal single-shot rifle. The entire family learned to shoot with it (including me). I still have it in a place of honor.

Remember those men who fought in the "War to end all wars" and truly thought it was such a horrible thing that it truly would end war. Many could barely read and write, but they were smart in ways we have lost.

Obama volunteers are out in Colorado

And they are covering as much as they can. We had a man from the campaign came by on Friday, to make sure we were going to vote, and with early voting going on, where the early voting locations. This is the first time that anyone from either party has been around, so that is a sign how close the race is.

During our conversation, he admitted that he had been out in a 10 mile radius just this day. Later on, we went to a store and there were canvassers out in many of the neighborhoods. I'm hoping that all their efforts do some good. As of now it is too close to call, so every little bit will help.

FYI We are going tomorrow to the nearest polling place so we can beat the crowds.

What to do?

My BIL used to be an educated, logical person. He's been to college and retired just a couple years ago.

Ever since 2006, he has been acting more and more strange. He hates Obama and everything he does, believes that the bankers are the good guys, and so on.

Last night, while we were at his place, he admitted that he loves Glen Beck and has recorded every show he ever had on Fox. Now we know What is wrong with him, but I'm at a loss as what to do.

Should we do an intervention and block all access to Fox News? Jam his head in the toilet and flush hoping it will clean out the crap?

Or is the loss of so many brain cells irreversible? He watches the right wing preachers as well so maybe a de-conversion with a hairdryer might be needed?

Is there any hope, or once you lose your mind, you can't find it again?

I posted the last one

(the wildfires) on my facebook because we are right now are just 5 miles from the evacuation zone from the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado.

The Teabagger GOP are complaining that Obama hasn't sent in Federal help even though he can't by law until the local resources are gone. So I keep reminding them that we wouldn't be getting any help if Romney was in charge.

Between that and snide remarks about climate change being a hoax, I'm not the most popular among the GOP side of the family. But it is a good example for them to learn about what they promote.

Oakland Police face Federal Takeover.

Federal Judge Thelton Henderson seems to be losing patience with the Oakland PD with their efforts to clean up their force stemming from a 9-year old suit.

“This department finds itself woefully behind its peers around the state and nation,” he wrote.

His impatience with the Mayor, Jean Quan, and Police Chief Howard Jordan was evident in his tightening of restraints:

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan must now consult with the monitor before making important department decisions such as promoting and disciplining officers and changing policing policy and tactics.

In light of the brutal harassment of Occupy Oakland last night, the mayor's and the
Chief's assurances of compliance seem to be going out the window. Personally, I would love to see the judge crack down and order federal control ASAP.

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