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TZ's Journal
TZ's Journal
June 28, 2012

I cried today

First time ever, tears of joy from a political event. Because I was sure the SCOTUS was about to screw me and other chronically ill people royally.

I have a rare bone marrow disorder that causes too many platelets to be made. Generally treatable but can cause stroke bleeding and heart attacks. And I'm 20-25 yrs younger than the avg patient. I'm doing really well on a med now- but a very expensive med- about $2, 400 a month fortunately I have pretty decent health insurance, I'm lucky. But the ACA means I don't have to live in terror that losing my job could kill me, as the insurance company can't pull the pre existing clause on me ( they tried to do it when I started my current job but I had leeway of about 5 days that saved me). Also lifetime limits on how much they cover are gone. Considering a bone marrow transplant is something I may need in the future that's also a huge relief !

Is the ACA perfect? No. But for people like me it's a life changer! And hearing liberals complain as much about what's not in it as much as conservatives complain about the whole thing really angers me. Try not to be rude to those of us who are extremely relieved and happy today. This is a big win for us...

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