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Member since: Sat Dec 30, 2006, 01:56 PM
Number of posts: 44,397

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'I cherish women. I want to help women.’ says Trump today

When host Jake Tapper pushed saying, “You’re saying that you did not mean to suggest that Megyn Kelly was having her period?” Trump shot back,” Of course I didn’t! Who would say that? I went to the Wharton school of Finance, I was an excellent student, I’m a smart person. I built a tremendous company. I had a show called ‘The Apprentice’ that NBC desperately wanted me to do another season. I do all this stuff. Do you think I make a stupid statement like that? Who would make a statement like that? Only a sick person would even think about it.”
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Aug 9, 2015, 05:33 PM (17 replies)

prediction.. Trump's poll numbers rise. he is getting massive support on rightwing sites

Comment section in daily mail and other sites were righties dominate. Trump is now a martyr

Most thumbed up comments:

Megyn Kelly is a straight up Marxist. Trump is right, the cultural marxist's invention of "political correctness" is making this country weak and stupid. She went after him with that question for no other reason than to discredit him.

Megyn used to have us think she was fair and balanced.

The more the establishment tries to stop Trump the more the average American likes him.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3190341/I-talking-Megyn-Kelly-s-NOSE-Trump-declares-war-politically-correct-fools-banned-Republican-conference-sexist-attack-Fox-host-says-ll-hold-event.html#ixzz3iGLXW9ch
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sat Aug 8, 2015, 04:38 PM (8 replies)

over in Free republic - Mega K is evil. They want Trump to hang strong.he meant nose bleed

Attacking one poster who said his comment implied Kelly was on her period
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sat Aug 8, 2015, 04:27 PM (5 replies)

homeless man picks up stray dogs as he pedals across country. internet joins in

A man and his 11 dogs began a journey across America with nothing other than a bike, a cart and a sense of family. Now, more than 2,000 miles later, the family is still going strong and they finally have a home to call their own.


A homeless man couldn't allow a bunch of stray dogs to receive the same treatment he has had to endure.


Alicia Edrington, 24, told the Daily News she encountered Steve riding a bicycle with a cart attachment, which he carried the dogs in.


His story has gotten national attention and donors have given him a new trailer to live in with the dogs.

Along the way Steve met someone who donated a vehicle for him to use, and he brought the dogs with them. He told Edrington that when he left he had $6 in his pocket but used the money for food for the animals.

A used trailer was donated to the man who has reached Indiana and is working with a counselor to help find a mobile home park to place it. The page has more than doubled its goal of $10,000 as of Thursday afternoon for the family's living expenses.


http://www.gofundme.com/StraysUnitedFund balance is 27k
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 7, 2015, 08:43 PM (7 replies)

a mathematician demonstrates the way to slice a bagel to maximize filling surface (mobius strip)

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 7, 2015, 07:43 PM (6 replies)

teens insult low income elderly man's rundown house within his earshot. volunteers mobilize

For four years, Josh Cyganik, a Union Pacific Railroad track inspector in Pendleton, Ore., waved to 75-year-old Leonard Bullock each morning on his way to work.

The two men never exchanged more than a friendly greeting, until Cyganik heard two obnoxious teenagers thoughtlessly insulting Bullock’s house within earshot of the elderly man.

“Look at this crappy house — they just need to burn it down!” the young cads said, reported Cyganik on Facebook.

“I saw the look on Leonard’s face,” Cyganik said in an interview published on the Union Pacific Railroad website. “I could tell the comment bothered him.”




Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 7, 2015, 07:34 PM (41 replies)

‘Blackfish’ Effect: SeaWorld Suffers Disastrous 84 Percent Drop in Profits in Wake of Documentary

Source: sfgate

SeaWorld witnessed a major decline in attendance during its most recent quarter, a lingering effect from the release of documentary “Blackfish,” which has sparked public campaigns by animal activists to end the captivity of killer whales.

According to the SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. Report, the theme park suffered an 84 percent drop in its net second-quarter income; after a $37.4 million haul in 2014, the park was only able to net $5.8 million in 2015. Total revenues for the quarter fell from $405.2 million in 2014 to $391.6 million, marking a 3 percent drop year over year.

The report also shows that Q2 attendance dropped by 100,000 visitors from 6.58 million in 2014 to 6.48 million. The Florida-based company operates SeaWorld theme parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio.

SeaWorld blamed multiple external factors, such as a holiday timing and extreme weather, for the decline in attendance, but did not acknowledge any impact from “Blackfish” on public interest in the park


Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Blackfish-Effect-SeaWorld-Suffers-6430167.php

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Aug 7, 2015, 07:22 PM (34 replies)

Company that established $70K min wage - older employees disgruntled seeing new get same pay

More troubling, a few customers, dismayed by what they viewed as a political statement, withdrew their business. Others, anticipating a fee increase — despite repeated assurances to the contrary — also left. While dozens of new clients, inspired by Mr. Price’s announcement, were signing up, those accounts will not start paying off for at least another year. To handle the flood, he has already had to hire a dozen additional employees — now at a significantly higher cost — and is struggling to figure out whether more are needed without knowing for certain how long the bonanza will last.

Two of Mr. Price’s most valued employees quit, spurred in part by their view that it was unfair to double the pay of some new hires while the longest-serving staff members got small or no raises. Some friends and associates in Seattle’s close-knit entrepreneurial network were also piqued that Mr. Price’s action made them look stingy in front of their own employees.

Then potentially the worst blow of all: Less than two weeks after the announcement, Mr. Price’s older brother and Gravity co-founder, Lucas Price, citing longstanding differences, filed a lawsuit that potentially threatened the company’s very existence. With legal bills quickly mounting and most of his own paycheck and last year’s $2.2 million in profits plowed into the salary increases, Dan Price said, “We don’t have a margin of error to pay those legal fees.”

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Aug 6, 2015, 06:59 PM (7 replies)

Carly Fiorina Left Her Debate Remarks on a Hotel Printer

Source: Time

Earlier on Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina—or someone on her staff—used a hotel printer to print out a closing statement for the Fox News debate, then forgot to pick it up.

The abandoned printout made its way into the hands of Sergio Gor, a spokesman for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who will be appearing in the primetime debate later on Thursday, who then tweeted a photo out.

Read more: http://time.com/3988131/carly-fiorina-debate-hotel-printer/
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Aug 6, 2015, 06:47 PM (29 replies)

Whole Foods says $6 asparagus water at California store was a mistake

On Tuesday a shopper snapped a photo of the curious beverage, posting it on Instagram along with the caption, "Somewhere in L.A., Whole Foods executives are laughing at all of us."
And then the jokes began to fly on Twitter...

The food site Eater reached out to Whole Foods and learned the spear-filled water was a mistake. The grocery chain's spokesperson Liz Burkhart released a statement explaining what happened:

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We looked into this right away and found that this item was being carried in just one of our stores in California. It was meant to be water with the essence of vegetables and/or mushrooms to be used as broth (similar to a bone broth), which are typically made over a long period of time soaking in water. The product was made incorrectly and has since been removed from the one store where it was carried.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Wed Aug 5, 2015, 09:23 PM (30 replies)
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