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Psychologists in New York City screened out the poor and African Americans from their client base.

Princeton sociologist Heather Kugelmass had voice actors call 320 randomly selected New York City psychologists listed as network providers by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield’s HMO plan. Kugelmass looked at psychologists in particular—versus say, social workers and other therapists working outside of “solo private practice”—because a significant proportion are independent operators, meaning they “have a lot of latitude to make decisions,” including discretion in client selection. In each case, the psychotherapists were left voicemail messages requesting weekday evening appointments. Using speech markers of class and race—an imprecise science, granted, but one Kugelmass based in research on dialogue and accent patterns—the study’s therapy seekers presented themselves as a member of one of four groups: black middle class, black working class, white middle class or white working class. Each therapist received two calls, one from a supposed black caller and another from a white caller, each representing different classes. All of the voice actors, who were equally divided by gender, mentioned they were members of the psychologist’s insurance network and stated they were experiencing feelings of depression.

Chances of getting a call back weren’t particularly great in general; just 44 percent of voice messages garnered any response at all. (Kugelmass lamented this fact in an interview with Reuters, noting that “everyone deserves a response.”) In the remaining cases, probability of a call-back correlated with potential patients’ perceived whiteness and wealth. Twenty-eight percent of therapists returned calls and offered an appointment to those who “presented” as middle-class and white, but just 17 percent of middle-class black callers received a return call. Therapists were also more likely to offer the requested time slot of weekday evenings to middle-class whites. Across race, working-class callers were pretty much ignored; a mere 8 percent were offered appointments.

Kugelmass notes that gender also had a significant impact. Middle-class black women received appointment offers from 21 percent of therapists, compared to just 13 percent for middle-class black men. But no one fared quite as well as the middle-class white female character. Therapists “prioritized” her “for coveted weekday evening appointments”—she was offered the sought-after slot by 20 percent of 80 psychologists. On the other end of the spectrum, the black working-class man had just one therapist make the same offer after placing 80 calls. As the Atlantic notes, were Kugelmass’ study “to play out in the real world, an identifiably black, working-class man would have to call 80 therapists before he was offered a weekday evening appointment. A middle-class white woman would only have to call five.”

"Although I expected to find racial and class-based disparities, the magnitude of the discrimination working-class therapy seekers faced exceeded my grimmest expectations,” Kugelmass stated in a press release announcing the study findings. “The fact that this study uncovers discrimination in the private mental health care marketplace is consistent with previous audit studies that have revealed discrimination in other marketplaces, such as housing and employment.”

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Jun 10, 2016, 04:06 PM (15 replies)

Stanford rapist took pics of victim. Shared with swim team member

Asking the question: Fellow Stanford swimmer Justin Buck was the member of the group chat who sent the message about the 'tit' which led police to believe Turner photographed his victim

Stanford rapist Brock Turner sent a photo of his victim's breasts to friends after the attack outside a frat house party.
Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online reveal that the disgraced athlete was sent a text via a group messaging app shortly after his arrest that read: 'Whos tit is that'.
The message, which arrived through the GroupMe app, was sent by Stanford swimmer Justin Buck, originally of Aberdeen, UK.
Detectives were unable to access the photo sent by Turner. Pictures sent on it can be deleted by third parties. It is unclear who deleted the photograph.
Buck, 21, was raised in Clearwater, Florida, and is currently working as an investment banking summer analyst' at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in San Francisco.

Blake Bolton, a witness who was visiting Stanford on the weekend of the sex attack, later told police that he had seen a man standing over the victim with a phone.
In his statement to cops, Bolton said 'the male subject was standing over her with a cell phone. The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female, using either a flashlight app in his phone or its built-in app.
'He approached the subject and asked if everything was okay. The male subject did not say anything to Bolton.

He told the male subject to roll her over onto her side to breathe. The male subject did not do this. Bolton then got on his knees and checked her pulse.
'When he got back up, the male subject was gone.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3635654/Stanford-rapist-took-photograph-victim-s-breasts-attack-shared-swim-team-friends-deleted-arrest-police-believe.html#ixzz4BDAr0REL
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Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Jun 10, 2016, 03:41 PM (11 replies)

Trump creates fake civil war battle and immortalizes it with plaque at his golf course

The plaque goes on to describe a civil war battle that it suggests unfolded at that location.

"Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot," the inscription on the plaque reads, according to the Times. "The casualties were so great that the water would turn red and thus became known as 'The River of Blood.' "

But the Times fact-checked the claim and spoke to historians who disputed it.

"No. Uh-uh. No way. Nothing like that ever happened there," said Richard Gillespie, the executive director of the Mosby Heritage Area Association, which studies the area of Virginia where the golf course is situated.

Alana Blumenthal, curator of the Loudoun Museum in Leesburg, Virginia, wrote to Trump's company about the inaccurate inscription.

The Times reached out to the GOP presidential candidate, who called himself a "big history fan."

"That was a prime site for river crossings," Trump said. "So, if people are crossing the river, and you happen to be in a civil war, I would say that people were shot -- a lot of them."

Trump questioned the historians' analyses of the plaque, asking, "How would they know that? Were they there?" He also said that "numerous historians" told him the site of the golf course was known as "The River of Blood," according to the report, and then clarified that they didn't speak to him, but to his representatives.

"Write your story the way you want to write it," Trump told the Times. "You don't have to talk to anybody. It doesn't make any difference. But many people were shot. It makes sense."


Confronted with the historians’ insistence that no one died at any notable battle near the site, Trump told the reporter, “How would they know that? Were they there?”

Normally, the bizarre trail of falsehoods spouted by Mr. Trump wouldn’t attract much attention here. But when someone dismisses knowledge and expertise by saying “Were they there?,” my ears perk up.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Fri Jun 10, 2016, 01:53 AM (18 replies)

60 year old signed with 6 modeling agencies after posting these photos on Reddit

Retired but not out, giving a last go to my lifelong dream of becoming a model, do I have it in me?

One of Europe’s sexiest new modeling talents isn’t a young 20-something with a chiseled face. It’s a 60-year-old with a white beard — and his career couldn’t be any hotter.

Meet Philippe Dumas. Just months after his 60th birthday last year, Dumas bravely decided it was time for a major life change. In a Reddit post, he uploaded photos of himself and asked Redditors: “Retired but not out, giving a last go to my lifelong dream of becoming a model, do I have it in me?”

The Frenchman got an outpouring of support and in the months since then, he’s been signed by six agencies, he said in an interview with Style Aria. We can see why.

ndeed. Sixty’s never looked so good.

After having a career in the French film industry, the change seems to have done Dumas a world of good. And he has a message for other post 50s looking to follow their dreams.

“We have to be very careful when getting to an older age not to be overwhelmed by the transformation happening to the body. It’s necessary not to give up and keep the same activities and life routine as when younger,” he said.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 09:48 PM (37 replies)

'You were born in a Taco Bell': Trump's rhetoric fuels school bullies across US

'You were born in a Taco Bell': Trump's rhetoric fuels school bullies across US

The xenophobic spirit of the presumptive Republican nominee has led to playground spats and ugly exchanges in classrooms across the country

Tracey Iglehart, a teacher at Rosa Parks elementary school in Berkeley, California, did not expect Donald Trump to show up on the playground.

This was, after all, a school named after a civil rights hero in a progressive California enclave, with a melting pot of white, African American, Latino and Muslim students.

That has not stopped some children from channeling and adopting the Republican presumptive nominee’s xenophobic rhetoric in playground spats and classroom exchanges.

“They said things like ‘you’ll get deported’, ‘you weren’t born here’ and ‘you were born in a Taco Bell’,” said Iglehart, 49. “They may not know exactly what it means, but they know it’s powerful language.”

Hearing it in Rosa Parks elementary, of all places, came as a shock. “Berkeley is not an area where there are Trump supporters. This is not the land of Trump.”


A North Carolina high school teacher reported having Latino students who carry birth certificates and social security cards to school because they fear deportation. A Tennessee kindergarten teacher said a Latino pupil, told by classmates he will be deported and trapped behind a wall, asks every day: “Is the wall here yet?”


Students from Andrean high school in Indiana brandished Trump signs and chanted “build that wall”, “no comprende” and “speak English” at the largely Latino students of Bishop Noll Institute during a basketball game in February.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 09:41 PM (2 replies)

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In Three New National Polls

Source: politicsUSA

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In Three New National Polls
By Sean Colarossi on Thu, Jun 9th, 2016 at 7:31 pm
As Donald Trump implodes, Hillary Clinton continues to gain ground.

Hillary Clinton’s polling continues to improve against Donald Trump as three more national polls released Thursday show the presumptive Democratic nominee leading the spray-tanned billionaire.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Clinton leads Trump by eight points. The survey also shows the presumptive Democratic nominee’s favorability ratings drastically improving over the same poll’s results from last week – now roughly half of respondents said they like the former Secretary of State.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to see his favorability under water, with 60 percent of voters saying they have a negative view of the presumptive Republican nominee.

Two other polls – one from Rasmussen and another from Fox News – also show Clinton gaining ground on Trump.

The Fox poll have Clinton leading by a three-point margin, while Rasmussen has her ahead of Trump by four points.

Read more: http://www.politicususa.com/2016/06/09/hillary-clinton-leads-donald-trump-national-polls.html
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 08:34 PM (8 replies)

A Texas man says he was choked by deputies for smiling in his mugshot.

A Texas man says he was choked by deputies for smiling in his mugshot.

Christopher Johnson is suing the Harris County sheriff's office after two deputies allegedly assaulted him as he was being booked for suspected drunk driving last summer.
He says he was choked for half a minute during the July 25, 2015 booking process, ABC13 reported.
Johnson, who says he always smiles in photos, was allegedly berated for grinning in his mugshot by a deputy who said 'Take the picture right' and 'Man, stop smiling!'

'This is how I always take my pictures,' Johnson says he replied.
Next, a second deputy stepped in, and joined the first officer in choking Johnson.

Money laundering politician Tom DeLay was allowed to smile in his mugshot when he was booked in 2005

The bizarre mugshot shows Johnson smiling as two men hold him by the neck.

Johnson's legal representatives say the event caused him to suffer significant pain and mental anguish. They say the incident violated Johnson's civil rights and seek compensation and punitive damages.

A police report accused Johnson of being uncooperative, something he denies.
In a statement to the New York Daily News, the sheriff's department said it has no policy against smiling in mugshots.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3634235/Texas-sheriff-s-deputies-choke-man-smiling-mugshot.html#ixzz4B8PruMF9
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Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 08:13 PM (3 replies)

Tigers can't be trusted

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 04:31 PM (12 replies)

Freepers respond to talk of replacing Trump


Most votes in history and closing in on Hilldawg with Hispanics and Blacks…so shut up never trumpers.


Go for it GOPe weasels since you think YOU are the only ones smart enough to know what is best for ‘we the people’ ....you’ll only piss off ‘a few’ of us:

Trump has 1,536 delegates and counting.

The Republican Party started the year with 17 bona fide candidates for President. This was more candidates than any major party in history.

Trump has more wins than any other Republican or Democrat candidate in this year’s race with 36. He also has more primary wins with 33 and leads all candidates in percent of overall wins and in percent of primary wins.

Trump received 13,406,108 votes to date in the elections according to www.thegreenpapers.com.

As a result Trump has more votes than any candidate in Republican history.

Trump shattered the previous record by 1.4 million votes — and that was with 17 candidates in the race

Link: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/06/trump-trumps-wins-historic-race-record-fashion/


One word for them, these bright red turncoats NEVER! The RNC follows thru on this ...payback would be sweet. At times just shocking the rat makes no difference, the rat never seems to learn the lesson.


This “growing talk” is growing only in the minds and publications of the enemedia, as they simply wishfully respin the doings of the gang of traitors lead by Kristol, Romney, Erickson, Hewitt, Beck and Levin, as part of the enemedia’s growing effort to nuke Trump anyway they can in order to help THEIR candidate, Crooked Hillary, win. Those elitist traitors and the enemedia would like nothing better than to see the will of the Republican electorate overturned at the GOP convention, as they know this would guarantee the election of the enemedia’s candidate, Crooked Hillary.

Naturally, none of the above is going to happen. The GOP convention will proceed without a hitch.

There’s nothing new in the enemedia attacking the Republican candidate in full-throated roar, while gently smoothing the waters for the Democrat, and we’re going to see a level of enemedia attacks on the GOP Presidential candidate like the world has never seen before. The enemedia and the Uniparty elites simply cannot allow Donald Trump to be elected as he’s going to upset every apple cart inside of D.C.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 08:29 AM (2 replies)

Paris Businesses Are Inviting The Homeless Inside, With These Window Stickers

Paris Businesses Are Inviting The Homeless Inside, With These Window Stickers
The stickers signal to people in need that they can seek a toilet, glass of water, or kindness within.

Walking past certain cafes and stores in Paris, you might notice a series of stickers in the window. The small icons show services like a glass of water, a toilet, or a first aid kit. Each is there as a signal to homeless people, refugees, or anyone else in need that they can come inside for help.

"When people who live on the street are welcomed in shops and receive free services that can be as simple as a glass of water, it can help create bonds and reintegrate those who are often socially rejected," says Mélanie Gambert from Le Carillon, the network of businesses organizing the project.

The project started last November, when Louis-Xavier Leca, a 27-year-old who has worked on socially responsible finance overseas, decided that he wanted to do something to help in his own neighborhood.


While some stores already welcomed homeless people in search of basic necessities—like access to a restroom—it was often hard to tell from the outside. Now, the small businesses that have joined the project can choose from around a dozen stickers to display.

Some stores let people charge cell phones, while others offer a place to heat a meal or give away food directly. Some offer showers. Barbershops offer free haircuts; the project has partnered with local nonprofits to hand out vouchers to people on the street. A few clothing stores offer free clothes. Some services, like a place to get a glass of water or charge a phone, are open to anyone, not just homeless people.

"The shopkeepers that are with us are all happy, willing to help, and some even complain that they do not get enough homeless people in their shops," she says.


Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Thu Jun 9, 2016, 01:20 AM (13 replies)
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