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History from Herbert Hoover era

My Partner is going through his mothers letters, and this is part of one from June 25th, 1930, from my Partners Grandfather, a member of the House of Representatives. It opens with a thank you for her last letter and for the package she and her sister had sent remembering his birthday anniversary. He mentions having a hard time recovering strength after two weeks or more in bed, but aside from that he is feeling fine and will soon be himself again. "The end of the session is just around the corner and we are liable to have the day set most any time now. I will be glad to get home again."
"Today will be very strenuous as the Veterans Bill will come before the House on the final passage. The President will promptly veto it and then the Republicans, who held a secret caucus last night, will vote enough to sustain his veto, even tho they vote for the bill in its original form. That is their secret agreement. After that they will introduce another Bill and pass it. It is a terrible tangle and the Republicans are in a hole. I am very happy over the result of my work, provided the President does not veto the Rivers and Harbors Bill==but I am very nervous over that and will not know for a day or two, yet. We have been doing a lot of 'light' housekeeping, if there is such a thing."
(snip) He continues with family affairs, then has this to say about what's happening locally.
"The workmen have brought their shanty over to old Congress Hall to go to work on the hole in the ground, and the Hotel Potomac has sold all its contents and will turn the building over to the U.S as of July 1st., when it will be immediately torn down. You would hardly know the place. The little corner store where we could buy sandwiches and coffee will be particularly missed, but I understand it will open up in a nearby location again; probably just back of Bryan's corner where the Greek once had a little restaurant."
"... All the congressional ladies have packed up all they can pack, excepting things absolutely necessary, and are all ready to go. I wish we could get away this week, but no one can tell as yet. The bell is ringing for me to come to the House and a telephone message from the Democratic Whip, Mr. McDuffie, tells all Democrats to "be on the Floor when we convene, and to "Stay There". That seems to be the program for the day and I guess I had better conform to orders. I could write a lot more but for this call."
"Your Loving,

When my partner read this, I thought some others might enjoy a look into the past.

I missed Cindy Sheehan in Monte Rio yesterday, but heard she was a good speaker at the Occupy Bohemian Grove Rally.

Have a good one,
Posted by AnotherDreamWeaver | Mon Jul 16, 2012, 01:28 AM (3 replies)
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