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Name: Sheila
Gender: Female
Hometown: West Palm, FL but still a Jersey Girl
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Nov 15, 2006, 04:15 PM
Number of posts: 21,078

Journal Archives

CNN Quick Vote...LOL..

Quick vote
Will you watch Mitt Romney's speech at the RNC tonight?
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Total votes: 14840
This is not a scientific poll


"It's not a question of whether he'll lose or not, it's a question of how bad." Said to me this

morning by a repub neighbor who was heavily politically involved in her community back in the day. I had asked how she liked the convention and she just shook her head a smiled. "The nuts are running the asylum." We then moved onto other subjects as there was no point in belaboring the point. I do like her, she tells it like it is. Local, and State contests are very, very important for us. GOTV is a priority..

How will the pundits narrate the Democratic convention? I'm wondering about Scar's show

in particular, I rarely watch the others. I don't concern myself too much from Martin on into the evening but MJ is going to have to be very creative. You know the Dems are going to be creative and slick. They will be professional and smooth, great speakers, the rock the rafter appearance of Michelle and the other speakers popular within the party.

How will the Chuckie Toads, Politico guys and the regular panel narrate the goings on. Mika will most likely be positive but Joey Scar is going to have problems. I would hope the panel will consist of Democrats who are articulate and know how to get their points across. I'll be looking forward to their spins and comparisons to the nightmare of Tampa in the coming days.

Interesting CNN poll vote...

Quick vote
After hearing Ann Romney's speech, are you more or less likely to vote for Mitt Romney in the fall?

Less likely
The same
More likely
Total votes: 2792

The Kochs and Adelson, to name just a few. These are supposedly smart, savvy guys..I wonder

how they are feeling with their convention thus far and the display of their guy. If I had invested the billions in this group of wooden, non-charismatic losers I might be a wee bit upset. They know, if they're smart they know, the show is over, the fat lady...has sung. I wonder if they will continue with the huge financing or just continue on their delusional journey. Granted, there are voting machines and election personnel to be bought, but still.....

So, Morning Joe is hosting a "Wake."

I came to DU first to get impressions of the repub convention last night and the speeches. Sifting through the expected bias I still know I will get the truth. I then turned on MJ and honestly, it truly is like a Wake. There is no joy, enthusiasm, just realization that it is over. Do I have it right? Was MJ more enthusiastic and "up" prior to my tuning in?

Obama Super PAC Plots Massive Ad Campaign Against Romney

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Obama-supporting super PAC Priorities USA Action is plotting its biggest television ad campaign, a $30 million effort attacking Mitt Romney for his tenure as governor of Massachusetts and his broader economic policy.

The spot, featuring a testimonial from Olive Chase, a well-regarded chef on Cape Cod, is a new twist for Priorities USA Action. While previous ads from the group have focused on Romney's tenure in private equity, this one accuses the presumptive Republican nominee of failing to live up to his promises of turning around the Bay State's economic malaise during the early-2000s.

Bill Burton, the co-founder of Priorities USA Action, told The Huffington Post that the group has put $30 million behind the spot, $10 million more than it devoted to its series of (sometimes controversial) Bain ads. It's unclear whether the group has the money now to pay for those ads, or whether it's banking on future fundraising. According to its most recent Federal Election Commission report, Priorities USA Action had $4.2 million cash on hand at the end of July.

That said, fundraising seems destined to pick up for the group as the election heads into its defining last months. "We will have the resources for it," Burton said.

More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/28/obama-super-pac-ad-romney_n_1835102.html

Mike Huckabee to Ron Paul supporters: You lost, move on

TAMPA—Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has a message for Ron Paul supporters who say they feel "disrespected" by the Republican Party's delegate allocation process: You lost, move on.

"I don't think they've been disrespected," Huckabee told a gaggle of reporters as we walked through the convention center here near the Tampa Bay Times Forum. "Elections are about—you get numbers. I lost four years ago, and I didn't feel disrespected as much as I felt defeated. You have to accept that the voters make a choice and the voters made a choice."

Paul supporters, who embarked on an aggressive effort to secure delegates in several states during the Republican primaries, argue that Mitt Romney's campaign strong-armed the party into limiting Paul delegates at the convention.

On Sunday, thousands of Paul supporters met for a rally at the University of South Florida, where they expressed outrage at what they called unfair treatment during the state delegate selection process.

More at: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/mike-huckabee-ron-paul-supporters-lost-move-211409535.html

Renowned pianist Van Cliburn diagnosed with cancer

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Renowned classical pianist Van Cliburn has been diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. His longtime friend and publicist, Mary Lou Falcone, announced the news Monday. She says the 78-year-old Cliburn is resting comfortably at his home in Fort Worth, Texas. She says his spirits are high and he's under excellent care.

Cliburn skyrocketed to fame in 1958 when he won the first International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow at age 23. He returned to a New York ticker tape parade, the only one ever for a classical musician.

He has performed for every president since Harry Truman, and for years has devoted his time to the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Founded by Fort Worth music teachers in 1962, it's held every four years and now considered the world's premiere piano competition.


NYPD Commish Kelly Defends Use Of Force In Shooting Near Empire State Building


That’s when Johnson pulled the gun from his bag and pointed it at the officers, police said.

When the officers fired at Johnson, nine bystanders were caught in the crossfire. The NYPD said they were all wounded by fragments or bullets fired by police. Two are still hospitalized.

Kelly said it was unfortunate that innocent people were injured, but said given the circumstances, “it was the appropriate action to take.”

“When you’re told that someone just killed someone around the corner and five seconds later, that person identified as being the shooter points a gun at you, the gun was loaded, we know it had two live rounds in it,” Kelly told WCBS 880′s John Metaxas. “Officers reacted appropriate, reacted reflexively and it was the appropriate action to take.”


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