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Name: Sheila
Gender: Female
Hometown: West Palm, FL but still a Jersey Girl
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Nov 15, 2006, 05:15 PM
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Journal Archives

Obama, in West Palm, channels Clinton, says ‘we’ve come too far to turn back now’

by Andrew Abramson | September 9th, 2012

WEST PALM BEACH – Fresh off the Democratic National Convention, President Obama appeared at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and channeled the biggest star from Charlotte: former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, whose 48-minute speech at the convention wowed Democrats, was referenced several times by Obama, including one of his opening lines when he said of Clinton, “Somebody sent out a tweet. He needs to be made secretary of explaining stuff.”

Later, Obama said, “I’m willing to do more with Republicans. I want to reform our tax code so it’s simple and fair, but I also think it makes sense for folks like me to pay higher taxes on our income over $250,000 the same way Bill Clinton had when he was president. The same way he created 23 million new jobs and the biggest budget surplus in history.”

Obama spoke for more than a half hour in front of about 6,000 cheering fans. His overriding message of the afternoon was, “We’ve come too far to turn back now.”

Much more at: http://www.postonpolitics.com/2012/09/obama-in-west-palm-channels-clinton-and-says-weve-come-too-far-to-turn-back-now/comment-page-1/#comment-505675

Interesting CNN poll vote..

Quick vote
Which convention did you watch more of?
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Total votes: 4519
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Howard Dean and Andrew Cuomo..Has anyone seen either of them?..n/t

Arianna On 'Morning Joe'

Arianna stopped by the "Morning Joe" studio Wednesday morning to discuss the Democratic National Convention and America's jobs crisis.

Huffington was effusive about the DNC's opening night. "It made the Republicans in Tampa look like amateur hour," she said. "It's just the energy, the engagement and Michelle Obama's speech. I've looked through everything conservatives have written [on Obama's speech] and I can't find a negative word, which is pretty stunning."

She added: "Of course, now the question is going to be: 'How do they go from the personal to the political?'" Citing the first lady's reference to a wounded Afghanistan veteran, she said "We haven't really explained why we are still in Afghanistan. The public is against it, so why do we stay in the emotional generalities?"

Arianna aslo discussed a job-creation forum that she is hosting in Charlotte later on Wednesday. "Jobs is the big issue," she said. "But the reality is that we don't believe that Washington is going to do anything about jobs in the near future. So what we are doing today is bringing people together to discuss what can the private sector do, individuals, foundations, not-for-profits do?... And the spirit of America that Michelle Obama so beautifully evoked yesterday is something that we can actually apply to job creation. We are bringing over 100 start-up entrepreneurs to demonstrate that even during this time jobs are created, businesses are started. We just need to help them scale."


Poor Mrs. Greenspan, wanting so badly a negative or close to negative response to Michelle's

speech, from her friend Sen.Schumer. He was nothing but positive, she kept saying but, but...GTH Andrea..

Harry is going there! C-SPAN, killing it and blasting Rmoney. His tax returns or lack of,

his hiding from the people he wants to vote for him, etc.. The American people know Barack Obama, he's the leader who said "we should, we can, we will." I want to work with Obama, not a teaparty idealogue. Good stuff.

Typical MSNBC headline on their website

Some big-name
Democrats will
skip convention

A group of prominent Democrats find it more helpful, or necessary, to miss the gathering in Charlotte, N.C.
Convention host NC finds
itself a pivotal battleground
RNC: Romney would win if election were today


Salon Media Group is looking to sell The Well, an online social community founded in 1985.

Salon Media Group is looking to sell The Well, an online social community founded in 1985. Before friend requests and Twitter hashtags, there was The Well, an online social community founded in 1985 that predated even the Web.

That pioneering website may soon fade into cyberspace as its owner, Salon Media Group, seeks to sell not only the property but also the domain name. The Well, or Whole Earth Electronic Link, was first started by "Whole Earth Catalog" editor Stewart Brand and former Google.org director Larry Brilliant as a pay-for dial-up bulletin board system in 1985.

Salon purchased the system 14 years later after it became an online subscription-based forum. But the Internet publishing company announced this summer that it wants to sever its ties with the website. It said that it had decided to “narrow the company focus” and laid off the website’s entire staff.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/salon-sell-internet-online-communities-article-1.1150614#ixzz25RmY6DvX

Watching MSNBC during the Dem convention? I don't think I will.

If the last few segments covering the Dem convention are any indication of how they will be slanting and antagonizing the viewers, I'm thinking my local PBS or Current is the way to go. Chuck Todd is unwatchable for me, his smarm is disgusting. Maybe when Chris, Rachel and Rev. Al are on my mood will improve but daytime MSNBC will be off in my house.

Another CNN poll (Eastwood)

Quick vote
Clint Eastwood's RNC speech:
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Was just ugly
Made my day
Total votes: 18003
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