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Gender: Female
Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan
Member since: Sun Nov 12, 2006, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 10,044

Journal Archives

Didn't follow the Iowa primary stuff

Do the Republicans have their Iowa primary at a different time than the Dems?

If they are held at the same time, did no one represent the Dem Party?

Now there are Republicans going to New Hampshire - No Democrats there either?

A lot of harm is being done our party if those who are interested are so discouraged from attending because the frontrunner hasn't declared yet. They can't get supporters to contribute yet.

Potential candidates are hamstrung. Nice going...

Wouldn't it be nice if we had the democracy we used to have? The rules are the same, but the game is different.

Bernie Sanders on CNN in minutes

Smrkanish's morning program being repeated.....

Got a phone survey today - R's

The guy wanted to know if I was going to vote in the Republican primary for the 2016 election.....I told him NO,

He said thanks and hung up.

Started me worrying. Why aren't I getting calls about the Democratic primary for the 2016 election? I think Dems will be very very very angry if we don't have one.

Foreign Relations Hearing on C-Span about the AMF

Kerry, Carter, Dempsey

I enjoyed the last one I watched with Ashton Carter....

Just started, Menendez is explaining what's going on...

AMF stands for Authorization for Military Force - about Syria, Iraq, Iran, and all them places...

KEITH OLBERMAN on David Letterman, tonight

Dave just started the monologue....

We need POLLS (to those who relish taking them)

If Mrs. Clinton's campaign implodes and her backers back out, we can't be left with our pants down not knowing who we should get or can get.

I suggested some polls here:


Mrs. Clinton should not be listed on any of the polls, as she is already the frontrunner (as we all know and have been told repeatedly both in DU and MSM).

There are so many qualified people to step in if Mrs. Clinton decides not to run. She hates campaigning and it's already getting rough. I couldn't take it if I were her. Too much from too many people, even Diane Feinstein (probably Dana Bash too) wants to know what the hell is going on.. Even some of the anchors on MSNBC seem not to be for her, and if you can't make it on MSNBC as the leading Dem frontrunner, you can't make it anywhere.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

was sworn in today . . . saw him a couple of days ago taking questions from the Armed Services Committee, or whatever it's called, John McCain, Chair..and I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to express himself, and his patience with them. I think they were impressed too.

Good choice, Mr. Obama.

Trouble is, we're having trouble finding people with the right qualifications to run besides HC, and since Mr. Carter is employed in the Cabinet, I guess that precludes his chance of being a candidate? I don't even know if he's a Democrat, but I think he'd have a good chance. He got pulled out of a teaching job at some university to take the SD job...

Pat Robertson & ISIS

I don't want to start a thread, don't want any replies, rec.s, flames, etc., I just want to say something I've been wondering about for a week or so.

When the author of the Atlantic Monthly magazine article told us that ISIS is wanting to start a full out-and-out war so that Jesus would come back and lead them to victory (radicalizing), it was not explained how this would affect Pat Robertson, who is waiting for the same out-and-out war so that Jesus would come back. So, if the end-of-days happens, I wonder who Jesus will come to lead.

Not important, just thought about it. I'd find out if I watched Pat Robertson and some of the other TV prophets, but don't know when they're on and wouldn't watch if I did.

Dana Bash (cnn)

Is on now. She should have her own program.

Senate is discussing TPP

But you guys probably all know this...
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