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Gender: Female
Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan
Member since: Sun Nov 12, 2006, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 10,044

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Dana Bash (cnn)

Is on now. She should have her own program.

Senate is discussing TPP

But you guys probably all know this...

People are complaining=we haven't even had the primaries yet!

and say that it's too early for debating about candidates (especially when only Webb announced and Sanders is trying to). It is too early.

But how can it be too early to discuss pros and cons of candidates of either party, when we've been subjected to poll results since election day, 2012, saying Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner in 2016, and telling me which Republican she can beat by the most votes?

Maybe people will stop arguing about the candidates if no one ever mentions a poll that says she's the frontrunner, or how inevitable her victory will be. We get tired of hearing that already.

Edited because I used the wrong election year. It was the day Obama was reelected that the nonsense started...

Axelrod in a OP by Segami (12/14)

I posted a reply to this OP that I thought should be brought up. I missed it when it made the rounds the first time.

Here's the link:


Vice President Biden

Made the news again when he held the shoulders of the wife of Ash Carter, New Secretary of Defense...and whispered in her ear.

I don't know what channel I had on, but the announcer explained that Mrs. Carter wasn't cooperating by standing still on the stage area during the ceremony, specifically, Carter's acceptance speech. She was flitting around, and Biden was afraid she'd miss the ceremony, so Mr. Biden reined her in and kept his hands on her to keep her from running to and fro again....what he leaned over and whispered in her ear is anybody's guess.

Letterman just did a bit on it, and so have others (he did say he loved Biden) .

No news program has played the tape as it went further on when Ash Carter was being sworn in but I saw it and want to fill in what most of you did not see. While Carter was being sworn in, his wife was now by his side. She looked up at Vice President Biden so lovingly, her eyes full of admiration, and nobody saw that but me. If I thought I was going to put an OP about it, I would have paid more attention to what the men were doing, but I was watching her. She loves Biden. So do I.

Democratic Party stands for my beliefs

and then some. I couldn't imagine being anything else.

But at the same time, I am a bit jealous of the Republicans. They have a bunch of clowns running for president, most have announced, and there's one for every taste they may have, but, none suit me.

I do like that they feel free to enter the race unlike our Democratic candidates who are restrained in some way. We lost something very precious and I don't know how we'll get it back.

Matthews said the other night that candidates aren't running because all the top campaign workers have been hired by one person, and the money has been promised to one person. He mentioned promises of positions for support. Sad, isn't it. No other person has any major support or a way of getting it to enter the race, and they know it. Matthews sometimes hits a nail on the head, in spite of his constant interrupting guests.

A line or two of a goofy old song runs thru my mind, "Someone left a cake out in the rain,.....don't think I can take it, and it took so long to bake it, and I'll never find that recipe again."

I had no idea of what that song was about, but it's starting to have some meaning. Flame away. I will play scrabble today.

Thanks for the heart, it looks great

You have a very kind heart . . .thank you.

Thank you for the heart, dear Someone

I don't know of a time when I was more broke, but am climbing out of some bills I have. The heart you gave me meant so much more than you know.

Brian Williams

I wish that his critics (Brian Selzer, CNN, for one) would attack our real enemies with the ferociousness he is receiving from the media.

Starting wars under false pretenses, false charities and lying politicians are okay because there is no competition amongst reporters covering these real enemies of the people. They allow transgressions to happen without any criticism to ensure that these gangsters will appear on their tv programs.

Not saying what Brian did was perfectly okay, but he didn't start the Iraqi war, had nothing to do with establishing and empowering ISIS. The whole thing should be put into perspective, he should apologize and move on.

And Brian Seltzer, the pit bull, should be called off his attack on a reporter that it looks like he is jealous of (preposition, blah, I know).
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