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fadedrose's Journal
fadedrose's Journal
August 17, 2015

When Trump first started running..

I admit I couldn't get enough of his ranting and insulting....but those days are over. He was fun (compared to Jeb, Santorum, Walker, etc.)

I love having the news on all day, always have, that I can remember, but I've reached my fill of Donald. Sanity returns.

I hope the rest of the country wakes up and realizes that, like he said, no one can tell him what to do....the other side of the coin says no one can stop him either. That means that wealth can't stop him, but everyday folks like me can stop him just by ignoring him. That day will soon be here.

May 1, 2015

Police Union says the cops did nothing wrong

and when all the evidence has come in, everyone will know that. They even put a black cop on TV to show his support for the six.

May 1, 2015

Just heard the news in Baltimore

She put tears in my eyes, am sort of choked up.

This gal will go far....Marilyn Mosby .... remember the name.

These folks needed a hero, and they got one.

May 1, 2015

Webb on CNN right now

John King's Inside Politics does a segment here in the mornings.

April 30, 2015

Tomorrow nite = Michelle Obama on Letterman

Countdown....getting closer and closer to the last program...not sure of the day, but I thought it was the first week in May.

He had Jungle Jack Hanna on tonight and it brought tears to my eyes...I'll miss both of them....

April 22, 2015

People, remember what you say

to people who support a candidate other than the one you prefer.

When all is said and done, the election will come and go and we're still here, still democrats, with lots of wounds to heal as bad as those of the candidates.

I like this group and am staying out of bashing because to tell you the truth, I feel like crap when I do. I won't refrain from saying I like someone, but that's it. I'll read threads about issues, if they're not too long, and it they're funny, that helps.

The seams are starting to pull, and I don't wanna talk about elections any more. I don't take back anything I've said because I feel the same, but saying the same things over and over is just not my style.

April 22, 2015

US Trade Bill Mark Up

Senate meeting on TPP Agreement, Cspan 3, at 10:45 am (amended)

Watched the repeat of a lot of today's, and it's interesting. Trunka was on for the unions and he's full of criticisms, and a Mr. Donohue, forgot title, a business leader.

They all agree on one thing. A trade policy or agreement is needed. Tomorrows meeting will have a vote on whether the President can have the Fast-Track passed, so that he can make deals, and they'll examine whether they can have up and down votes on on bills without any amendments. After they vote, it'll go to the House...

It's hard to put this stuff into a couple of sentences. But try to watch tomorrow morning.

Oh, was thinking about "stuff," and the President's use of the word. It's become a high-class word, anybody notice that.?

April 21, 2015


Think I heard them say Travolta was on. Wow. Haven't heard anything about him for ages. I enjoyed Mayer the other night singing Bye Bye Miss American Pie. His program leaving is NEWs, Bet he'll have Obama on when the time comes.

April 21, 2015

I just emailed Michigan.gov

and filled in the request form - I asked them why legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use is not on the May 5 ballot.

Couldn't hurt now, could it? Pointed out that cigarettes and alcohol are both legal and they do far more harm than marijane.

Maybe other Michiganders in DU should do the same?

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