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fadedrose's Journal
fadedrose's Journal
April 19, 2015

WH Correspondents Dinner

Just watched the address at the 2012 dinner by President Obama..he was super.

What surprised me is that C-Span announced that Cecily Strong, one of my SNL favorites will be the hostess. It's almost always a man, not always, but almost always....It'll be on April 25.

Should be pretty good if SNL writers help do some of the writing.....

Maybe he'll return the favor and be on SNL sometime in the future.

April 16, 2015

Appreciation Thread for Senator Elizabeth Warren

I saw her on TV very strongly condemning the secrecy of the TPP agreement. She was outside on a platform talking to labor leaders, Union Leaders and members.

We need an agreement to fix everything that got screwed up because of previous trade agreements. But not a secret one.

We're counting on you, Senator Warren, to get your way in this and help get us a good deal.

(President Obama is the best President I have ever seen or will see in my lifetime, except for FDR, but in this case, I'm trusting the Senator)

April 16, 2015

Appreciation Thread for Doug Hughes

He cares about country more than any politician, and more than his own welfare. He could have been shot down, but the mail to those 500 or so members of Congress was important. He said that there are so many things that need to be fixed, but nothing can be fixed until campaign finanace reform is reformed...

Thank you, Mr. Hughes.

I appreciate everything you did for us.

April 15, 2015

HC on Cspan, don't know for how long

She's in Iowa, it just started with the last 15 min, I think.. I got company when I was waiting for it.

Before her, I watched the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
and am impressed with Senator Corker. Seems too decent and honest to be a republican....

If I were running as a Rep, I would want his endorsement.

April 13, 2015

Wasn't for Hillary, not sure now

but who I am sure of is the amazing person who put together that announcement for her. Amazing what a good PR person can do. After seeing Putin swimming with dolphins and riding horses bareback convinced many Americans that he wasn't as bad as what the Ukrainians say.

In 2008, seems so long ago, but this Hillary drive reminded me of something I had forgotten. Anyone remember Air America from Tempi, Arizona, and a segment it had on every Saturday night called "Exopolitics"? After the program went off the air, the owner/manager of the station having committed suicide because of financial problems, and Exopolitics the Canadian internet/radio program went on by itself...

Alfred Webre (Sp, forgot his name) talked to many guests about space relations one of the guests said that Jesus was waiting in a spaceship above earth somewhere, and I decided that Exopolitics was bull crap.

The other thing Alfred announced with great certainty was that Hillary Clinton was going to win against Obama, and he got this informations straight from the aliens who were corresponding with certain earthlings. When Obama won, he was quite stunned.

Coming to now. History and History2 are full of UFO stuff, current, and their appearances in the Mideast seemingly monitoring the battles. They appear all over the place, and US pilots have been ordered not to fire or talk them. Even Nick2 for kids has some programs for preschoolers explaining Earth and its place in the solar system, naming the other planets, explaining that the sun was a star. When I was a kid, we didn't learn that kind of stuff till 7th grade. On MSNBC this last weekend, on Caught on Camera (which I never watch) came on and before I could change it, they started showing all pictures of UFO's, Contessa Brewer narrating. Miles O'Brien who had a forward in some UFO books is back at CNN...And Podesta is at the White House, or was, until he was hired by Hillary. And his interest in UFO's in well known. Clintons had great interest in them too, both Bill land Hillary according to some websites.

So I think that the 2008 election was too soon for Hillary. Nothing was in place yet. But the drive for her is so strong that something else is happening that I don't understand. Mrs. Clinton will be the one to, if you will, meet them on the White House lawn. I feel so silly saying something like that, and embarrassed too.

If asked, any president and Podesta will tell you they know nothing. But something funny is going on. Either a pole shift from melting glaciers, food shortages from lack of rain in CA, some country setting off a nuclear bomb, asteroids or something, and it will happen almost simultaneously with the election or shortly after next year.

I AM GOING TO DELETE THIS IN ABOUT AN HOUR, just had to say something about what's been on my mind since yesterday when I saw the campaign ad...I am not a "firm" believer or a "firm" disbeliever. But if the aliens want Clinton for some reason, like Exopolitics proclaimed, then it's inevitable, whether I like her or not. I wish I had the courage to post this knowing people will think I'm nuts.

April 3, 2015

President Hassan Rouhani (Iran)

to give a speech to his country at 10:00 am ET. Cnn will cover it....

April 3, 2015

pnwmom deserves the "thanks"

A thread posted in my name yesterday hit one out of the park, and I got many thanks for it, and the thanks should have gone to pnwmom. I was too shy to start a big thread and was afraid John Kerry would not get the credit he deserved because the wrong person posted the thread. It started because I got tears in my eyes when I heard it on the news, and ran to DU, and when I got there, like Mother Hubbard looking for a bone, the cubboard was bare.

Thanks pnwmom for the encouragement. You're a kind lady.



April 2, 2015


John Kerry has worked so hard with so much opposition and so little appreciation, shouldn't we have an appreciation thread in his honor? The first hurdle crossed today with an agreement among SIX countries...

Whether it's accepted in the long run doesn't matter. This guy and his boss have done an amazing job.

We love you, John....Blessed are the peacemakers sounds nice, whether it's true or not...
April 1, 2015

Grandson has "Davey Crockett"

for some kind of homework. I offered to download and print "The Ballad of Davey Crockett," but I can't remember what website I used to go to.... Does anybody know a good one....there's about 15,000 of them, some want a membership, some a toolbar, and I just remember printing songs without any extra requirements.


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