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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bristol/CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Nov 7, 2006, 08:13 PM
Number of posts: 423

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In my opinion, Dems should take a break and then subpoena

Whittaker. They need to set the tone and expectations for this hearing and all future oversight hearings. What is the downside? People need to be held accountable. In my opinion, the downside will be felt if they do not subpoena- we will look impotent and feckless.

Republicans will continue to run out the clock and play games- it's what they do. It's no secret. Time for messing around is over.

Is it just me or

does any one else think that all of the crazy and inane texts and ramblings coming from the president are just setting the foundation for an insanity plea in the future when he goes on trial? His lawyers will point to the texts, videos, pictures and say, what sane person would behave in this manner? Or they might say he is not responsible due to his dementia and refer to all of the exhibits.

Maybe be he is a genius (albeit an evil one).

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