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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bristol/CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Nov 7, 2006, 08:13 PM
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Need advice

While I was replacing the cover on the motherboard of my pellet stove starter, it sparked (yeah, I did not unplug it). It would no longer start. I brought it to a local pellet stove dealer - actually it's where I bought it. The service person checked the fuse and it was burned out. He gave me a new fuse and I brought it home- it did not start. He mentioned in passing that there may be another fuse in it when I originally spoke with him but I could not find it. I called the store and the person who answered stated that no one was available in the service area and that she can help me. I told her my situation and she looked up my info. I told her that the service guy indicated that there was another fuse- she said that my stove only had one fuse and that the service guy was confusing my stove with another.

I had no choice, I bought a new motherboard for $320 brought it home, installed it and it did not work. I was annoyed at that point and asked how much to have a technician come out. $250.00- I did not want to pay that since the system is pretty simple plug and play.

Later that night I took apart the back of the stove and did a more thorough look. Well, I found the other fuse- the one the original service tech said existed but the service person on the phone indicated didn't exist. I bought the new motherboard based on this inaccurate info.

Well, they do not do returns on electronic equipment- at least that is what they say on the receipt.

I feel like I have a valid case to get a refund since I made the decision to purchase based on bad info that they provided. It's a he said she said scenario.

Any opinion on the approach I should take to get a refund?

Additional info- the owner of this place is a real asshole. Back when I bought the stove, about 10 years ago the city inspector indicated that the installer (from this store) needed to do more work before he would approve it. I told the owner this and he started screaming at me in front of all of the other customers. He was basically shooting the messenger. I really did not want to go back to this place but it was convenient for what I thought would be an easy purchase.
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