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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bristol/CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Nov 7, 2006, 08:13 PM
Number of posts: 423

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What happens if Trump fires Mueller this weekend?

I have this unnerving feeling

That what is occurring at the surface is masking the damage underneath. All this noise is hiding all of the lasting damage- we may get rid of Trump but his legacy is going to be disastrous.

We got to get beyond solving one problem at s time- the powers that be are creating multiple problems on multiple levels - we have to find a way to counter this.

Who is James B. Hatfield?

I searched DU and could not find anything that was related to him.

Was on Facebook and saw that someone shared his post- looked up the post on snopes and found that it was totally untruthful. Went to his page and the first post was about fake news- hmm, started reading the rest and he sounds like a president trump/ fox reporter wannabe.

These guys are like cockroaches

I got to admit

I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to keep track of all of the presidents men/women crimes or violations that have occurred this far. The geek in me would love to see a grid with all of the names listed on the left with all of the crimes/ violations running left to right across the top. (Think of an excel spreadsheet) list in the appropriate field the date the act was incurred and the status - update as convictions start coming in (one can dream). At a minimum it would serve as a good tracking system.

I wouldn't even know where to begin- does anyone know if this exists? Or want to take a shot at it?

Is there a. App for this😀

Don't want to be offensive but

I haven't seen anything or heard anything from pig boy aka Limbaugh lately. Just curious - where does he stand on his president?


What's next? I feel like we are in the catbird seat but we are not completely using it to our advantage. Are we missing an opportunity yet again?

Let's move to impeach!

Certified news

Here's an idea that is long overdue and needed more than ever.

Two things that can be done to counter fake news...

1) news ratings- not what you think. Similar to how restaurants are ranked based on inspections, assign a rating to the news source I.e. A, B, C, F

2) use the rating and research based on validity I.e. Snopes, etc to certify the story.

3) trend over time and let the consumer weed out the liers.


Who cares that Russia was involved in electing the president*

To be honest, most of the younger generation does not know who Putin is and whT he represents.

I don't get the sense that they care and I bet my bottom dollar that the republicans polled this and felt that it was a good gamble.

I think that we collectively are going at this wrong. We should be more explicit- the Trump was helped behind the scenes by the president of Russia - an evil person who killed people he disagreed with- doesn't that scare you? Etc.

The message has to go deeper than Russia or Putin for any one to care.
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