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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Southern NJ
Member since: Tue Nov 7, 2006, 09:37 AM
Number of posts: 3,391

Journal Archives

Hi, I'm here to re-welcome myself back, needed a break but I missed yas....

I definitely have to reacquaint myself with the format. HI ALL. SO what did I miss?

Just saw System of a Down play a PHENOM show...

They are so damn tight! One of the best live shows I have ever experienced. And that is saying a lot. I have seen Roger Waters' The Wall four times. so..... Serj's voice was perfect. I am on such a high right now. We saw them at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden NJ ! We had seats but we got there early enough to move to front row on the lawn. PERFECT! UGH! That was awesome. I did start to tucker out toward the end but I am proud to say I jumped my ass off along with the 12 year(j/k-more like 21)year old guys next to me!

Hey peacenix! What color would you make a Peace candle in a glass jar.

The description is as such... Peace:ginger, carnation, orange, vetiver, and musk

Pale Green, Sky Blue, White, Tanishy brown, or some other color. I'm not yet ready for swirls so tie-died is out. What say you? Thanks. I'm still having a hell of a time coming up with a name. BAH!

I have a question about fluid mechanics.

I am wondering how the specific gravity of a fragrance oil added to a wax with a known specific gravity will affect the sorptivity of the wick. My assumption is the higher the specific gravity the sorptivity of the wick will decrease therefore increasing the wick size(gauge) would be necessary. What say you smarties?

Thanx for the secret heart! I still love this place.

It brightened my day.( And yes that is an X )

Hello. I did not know this group was here.

Just wanted to say hello. I need to lose weight. I have no will power! I have been logging my calories, but I am not doing very well. I have never really had to control my weight. Up until I was 29 I was 115lbs. Then I had a hysterectomy and a very fast 10 years has gone by and I am a chubbo. I know that I most likely won't get back down to 115 but 125 or 130 would be nice. I am thinking about buying a treadmill or something like that because a gym is out of the question and, although it was almost 70 today in NJ, it SHOULD be freezing outside. Any pep talk or advice would be welcome! The hardest part is my coffee. I use lots of flavored creamer and have a Starbucks problem. The problem being the location, right across the street !

UGH! I just found out that the album that brought me into the world of rock

the first album I ever learned, Rush 2112 (today's date by the way) was, in part, possibly influenced by Ayn Rand.

Does anyone know if it is better to do my own taxes or to let my BF claim me?

I have a very small income from a few weeks of unemployment and a short part time job. I discovered that he can claim me. Will it make a difference? Does that depend on his tax bracket or whatever? I wonder if we will get the same amount either way? If this is an inapproritate question for this group I apologize. Thanks.

I just made a pita with yogurt cucumber dip and smeared a half and avocado on it...

it was HEAVENLY! I am trying to lose weight and been looking for healthy nutritious meals to make. This will have to be added to the rotation. Someone here gave me the idea. THANKS!

Pony-tailed monsters.....

Spent the weekend planning meals and making low cal snack packs of veggies. Entering frequent foods in the calorie counter data base. Made plans for exercising for the week...only to have my efforts thwarted by a gaggle of adorable pony-tailed monsters selling GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!
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