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Member since: Thu Oct 5, 2006, 01:23 PM
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From reading the posts in this thread and others, there seems to be a striking similarity between...

...the "rape culture" mentality and the "vulture capitalist" mentality.

In both cases, a perpetrator exploits a situation to take advantage of a victim with no regard for the damage they do to the victim.

The perpetrator then blames the victim for the attack in the sense that the victim was "asking to be victimized" or the attack wouldn't have been successful.

In the case of the skilled factory worker whose job is outsourced to China after his employer's factory is bought by a vulture capitalist and the factory closed, the factory worker is blamed for engaging in the "wrong" kind of work or not having the right kind of skills. To add insult to injury, the now unemployed worker is told to go back to school and learn a new skill to become "employable" in the "new" economy.

Another example is the banking industry that swindled customers out of their homes, and when the economy started to collapse, the government came in and bailed out the banks which committed the fraud, rather than help the home owners who were swindled.

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