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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,286

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I just watched a couple of hours of C Span about Gorsuch vote.

I'm so proud of my Democratic Senators. They put a lot of effort into their speeches and really pushed all the points. I hope these talks get circulated to a broad audience.

April Protests: Tax Day 15th, Earth day 22nd, Climate Day 29th. Apparently not a thing.

Are any of these a thing? A quick google shows mix up of date, and lack of news coverage since beginning of Feb.

Have the Russians/Trump succeeded in mixing up the news by claiming the climate protest to be a week after the science/earthday event?

Has the crazy news of Intel committee investigations gone off track distracted people from the lack of ethics in the business dealings of Trump and his family? (Tax Day).

Has the take-over of the EPA by the Koch Brothers been shoved off the reporters calenders because of the stunning loss of the GOP in the Obamacare repeal?

What's going on? Will these protests happen and will they just be ignored like the anti Iraq invasion protests of 100,000's in NYC in 2003?

I need to know soon. I can't make more than one of these this April and I'd like it to be one that gets the country's attention.

Where are the Trump tweets that were reportedly made during House Intel Hearing?

I'm following Trump's tweets, and there are none that see posted as reported.

Were they taken down? Or did I get the story wrong.

The report claimed he was making contrary tweets as the hearing was underway.


Who is going to benefit from the Republicare Tax Cut?

This older article about who pays how much of the Obamacare Net Investment Tax shows just who will reap the benefits of Trump's replacement of Obamacare. Not a surprise, but these talking points may help in your discussions with your Trumpist brother-in-law.


Border wall bidding has been extended to March 20th. You have 5 days to get your plan in.


All the talk about starting up in April has been moved out to a May date to pick winning ideas. But that is after the initial screening of designs which will start with the March 20th deadline. It was to be March 10th.

Our government has been taken over by a bunch of 7th graders.

Just have to get this off my chest before I go to bed:

Franken's question to Sessions was not whether he or anyone on the Trump team had contact with the Russians but rather, What would Sessions do if found out they did have contact? Session's reply was not on the question, which is typical of a politician's reply, but in this case just raised a million more questions about why he would reply that he never communicated with the Russians, when indeed we have learned he did.

You can imagine a conversation between a parent and his teenager: "So son, what would you do if you found out your friends brought along some dope to the party last night?" "Gee dad, I don't know of anyone with any dope. I don't have any dope that's for sure!"

Sessions distracted by Transsexuals, Muslims continue to pour into US?

Or has someone heard of a new EO to stop the Refugees?

I thought AG was going to come up with a EO that would get through the courts on Tuesday!

Immigration Experts: A lesson on Marrage and Adoption Please?

With Trump in charge, I'm seeing little hope for Children (Some now grown) who were brought to the US and although they are essentially now Americans, they can now be legally "deported". These are people who fall under Obama's DACA rules.

What are the rules concerning those who marry US citizens? Can they automatically receive legal residence in the US?

What are the rules concerning those who are adopted by US citizens? What is their status concerning residence and/or citizenship.
What would be the legal procedure involved in adopting a DACA child/adult? Are the rules the same every state or are some states more lenient than others?

Thanks for your input on this.

I'm wondering about real action that could be taken to avoid a catastrophe here in the USA.


Massachusetts: Large herd of Robins just landed in the yard.

About 50 of them.

I'm suddenly extremely optimistic.

Fuck Trump and everything he stands for.

After the introduction to Stephen Miller last weekend....

I'm guessing we will finally get to hear from Steve Bannon directly very soon.

Should be good for a few laughs on the late night shows.
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