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Klondike Kat

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MNLOAD (Marine No Longer On Active Duty)

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First foray into heirloom tomatoes

I planted four varieties of heirloom tomatoes in my garden this year - Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, German Queen and Black Prince. I also planted some Romas and Better Boys.

All the heirloom plants are around 4-1/2 to 5 feet tall (about doubling the height of the Romas and Better Boys) and are producing like crazy. They're starting to ripen (I planted late this year - my garden plot has really heavy soil and doesn't drain real well so if I plant too soon the late May and early June rains drown a lot of plants).

One of the Cherokee Purples was ripe enough to pick today. Now, I have to preface this by saying that growing up I was not a big tomato fan - I don't think I really started liking them until I was around 25 or so. Even then, my tasted buds usually went "meh!" at the taste of tomatoes. Where were the Cherokee Purples when I was growing up!? They're absolutely delicious! Firm and meaty with a hint of sweetness. I can't wait for the others to ripen so I can taste them.

I want to finish with a "shout-out" to NRaleighLiberal. I probably would not have considered growing heirloom tomatoes if not for your posts. Thanks!
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