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Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 08:56 PM
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New research indicates the coronavirus originated in a Shih Tzu / Labrador Retriever mongrel dog.

So the rumor is true, the virus came from a Chinese Lab.

Thrown out 'naked ballots' in Pennsylvania could cost Joe Biden the election

Thrown out 'naked ballots' in Pennsylvania could cost Joe Biden the election

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ordered officials to throw out ‘naked ballots,’ also known as ballots without a secrecy envelope. One official says that [could] result in as many as 30,000 ballots.

This decision makes no sense. Vote privacy is a right offered to voters which they can trivially waive by simply telling people how they voted. I don't see any logic to disqualifying votes simply because the voters didn't opt to keep their votes secret.

The video is frustrating because Atty. General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, didn't even come close to answering the question, yet Ayman Mohyeldin didn't appear to notice and only moved on to the next question.

"Mitt Romney" equals "My, I'm rotten."

Romney backs vote on Supreme Court nominee, clearing way for Trump

A possible alternate reason that DeJoy and Trump are trying to suppress mail-in voting

The reason that I've been hearing that DeJoy and Trump are trying to suppress mail-in voting is that Democrats are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans. That may be true, but I have an additional theory that I haven't heard anyone suggest yet:

Trump and his minions might be planning some sort of late October surprise to be released just before Election Day so that Democrats won't have enough time to counter it. This strategy could work if everyone has to vote on the same day.

But since mail-in voters will be mailing their ballots over a spread-out period well ahead of November 3rd, Trump's last-minute claim won't be effective on them even if they believe him. If they've already mailed their ballots then it will be too late for them to change their votes.

And if Trump releases his bogus claim too soon there will be time to wait and see if it pans out, and if it's successfully discredited that could work against him.

One might argue that if this is true then Trump should also be against in-person early voting, but maybe he can't think of any plausible reason to be against that.

So, could this be one of the reasons that Trump wants to stop mail-in voting? Has anyone heard this suggested already?

Senator John Kennedy: "These gotcha books don't really interest me that much."

One down-side to this sheer mountain of books about Trump is that, no matter how compelling and damning they are, Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has found that he can casually dismiss the lot with "These gotcha books don't really interest me that much."

It's unfortunate that Pam Brown of CNN wasn't more alert when Kennedy redirected her question about Trumps's contradictions into a question about a book by first asking her "You're talking about the Woodward book?"

She wasn't, and should have answered "No, I'm talking about what the president said, which we have on tape", but instead she fell for it and answered "Yes, the Woodward book", allowing Kennedy to proceed with his despicable game plan.

Watch the video.

Flipped over to Fox News and immediately heard a distortion of Joe Biden's words (then flipped back)

The commentator said Joe Biden blamed Trump for over 190,000 coronavirus deaths, then showed a video where Joe Biden was asked "Do you blame Trump for thousands of deaths?" and Joe Biden answered "Yes."

"Thousands of deaths" is perfectly reasonable, but Joe Biden certainly didn't claim that every single coronavirus death is Trump's fault.

"The president never downplayed the virus." vs "I wanted to always play it down." MP3 & MP4

McEnany vs Trump (audio only)

McEnany vs Trump (video)

Should Woodward have reported Trump's virus revelations sooner? Here's how he defends his decision.

Washington Post article

Link posted here without comment.

Trump finally admits that he's been lying to us all along about COVID-19!

He's speaking about it right now and the press are unanimously rejecting his half-assed excuses and attempts to change the subject.
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