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Member since: Sat Sep 9, 2006, 07:51 AM
Number of posts: 4,261

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Fingers of cold air caressed my frail body...

As the light globe valiantly fought the encroaching darkness. It's pale, weak efforts struggled to illuminate the small damp kitchen where I conducted my nightly ritual of toasting my favourite crumpets.

The faint tang of carbon wafted from the ancient, but still faithful mechanism as the treasured viands slowly browned. Spots of rain gently touched tje shuttered windows and the wind sighed as it took it's leave.

A strange fear suddenly curdled arounf my now beating heart. A vision coalesced gradually in my mind, gaining intensity as it firmed and formed. Beads of near frozen sweat crawled from my pores.

What if?... What if?... No... It can't ne true. It would be horrific. An abomination so terrible that the very Universe would recoil in fear and loathing.

It burned like boiling acid aroumd my very neurons, what if a dark power of tje uttermosy evil and depravity had made a bargain with Trump and otjet Earthly authorities to spread this most modern plague. in returm for riches, power, fame, and glory.

No, it could not conceivably be trur. What soulless human being, what libing vessel would give all of humanity for a few coins amd photo opportunities?

And how would we be able to tell if this was true or just some fever delusion? How different would this fear-driven dream differ from the horror tjat we are living through?

"Surely not", I said to myself, as I weakly pulled my threadbare dressing gown tightly around my withered frame in a vain attempt to ward off the terror. "Surety not."

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