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Profile Information

Name: Christo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: Santa Cruz, CA
Member since: Thu Aug 31, 2006, 04:14 AM
Number of posts: 2,953

About Me

https://twitter.com/christoq https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtt5Rr-9uvI3oct2zxBR9A https://www.facebook.com/christo.purdin

Journal Archives

Siberian cat 'drives' his own tank and loves it

Purrdy cute.
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sun Nov 6, 2016, 02:47 PM (8 replies)

Daycare employees taught the kids to cheer for Donald Trump & to say that Hillary Clinton is a liar


"Just received this from a deeply concerned parent. Daycare in Taunton, MA teaching kids to cheer for Trump and say Hillary's a liar."
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 12:44 PM (0 replies)

The chilling implications of the FBI’s latest attack on Hillary Clinton


It appears that the FBI’s anti-Clinton faction is not limiting its leaks to the Wall Street Journal. On Fox News Wednesday night, anchor Bret Baier claimed that “two separate sources with intimate knowledge of what’s going on with these FBI investigations” told him an indictment in the “Clinton Cash” investigation is likely, “barring some obstruction in some way.” It is unclear how such an indictment would be secured without the cooperation of prosecutors who have already decided the Breitbart probe is meritless.

The leaks regarding the FBI’s Breitbart probe, along with Comey’s letter to Republican committee chairs, fit a larger pattern of the FBI spreading incomplete information that is damaging to Secretary Clinton.

An internal FBI office will investigate the FBI’s decision to tweet out documents regarding President Clinton’s controversial Marc Rich pardon — an investigation the FBI closed more than a decade ago. Similarly, on Monday, a series of news stories suggested that there might be a direct connection between Trump and the Russian government. Shortly after these stories were published, unnamed “law enforcement officials” helped contain the damage to Trump by telling the New York Times that they have not “found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.”

It is difficult, in other words, to escape the impression that a faction within the FBI is actively trying to elect Mr. Trump and to weaken Secretary Clinton. It appears to be doing so, moreover, in violation of Justice Department policy, and in violation of the basic principle that law enforcement should not spread rumors and innuendo in order to damage people they do not like.
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 12:20 PM (6 replies)
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