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Profile Information

Name: Christo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: Santa Cruz, CA
Member since: Thu Aug 31, 2006, 04:14 AM
Number of posts: 2,953

About Me

https://twitter.com/christoq https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtt5Rr-9uvI3oct2zxBR9A https://www.facebook.com/christo.purdin

Journal Archives

Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next

Any questions?
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Nov 17, 2012, 05:01 PM (97 replies)

"For those individuals looking to secede from the US...

(found on Facebook)

Boy, she really nails it here.

Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Nov 17, 2012, 04:04 AM (7 replies)

Teabonics: Will someone teach these Tea Party nit-wits to spell already! (pic heavy)

A classic:

Poking fun?

Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Nov 17, 2012, 03:45 AM (16 replies)

Pictures of sad Republicans on election night

Embrace your inner schadenfreude.

Sigh, it doesn't really make me happy to see them distraught. I just feel sorry for them for being so easily duped.

Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Nov 17, 2012, 02:24 AM (61 replies)

Look! It's Obama catering to the enemy again. Oh wait...

Posted by StrictlyRockers | Thu Nov 15, 2012, 12:05 AM (0 replies)

Try on 336 Electoral Votes...

How does that feel?

Hmm, pretty good...

That's what I'm projecting at this point. It feels like a mandate...a strong mandate!
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Wed Nov 7, 2012, 01:14 AM (2 replies)

Legal cannabis won in CO and is winning in WA


HuffPo already posted an article on Colorado's Amendment passing.

um, YAY!!
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Wed Nov 7, 2012, 12:48 AM (2 replies)

Dare you to not smile. (from Michelle Obama)

Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Sep 22, 2012, 01:50 PM (39 replies)

A comparison of two pictures from this morning.

This is a picture from video of Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama making a statement this morning.


This is a picture from this morning of Shittforbrains Romney making a statement on the same subject.


And this:

I cannot say it better than Michelle Obama said it: "Being president doesn't change who you are it reveals who you are.
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Wed Sep 12, 2012, 04:07 PM (23 replies)


"This Video MIGHT Stop Romney From Becoming President"

"Is the GOP employing a racist strategy to get Mitt Romney into the White House? Watch this video to find out."
Posted by StrictlyRockers | Sat Aug 18, 2012, 03:42 AM (3 replies)
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