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Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Current location: Sweetwater County, Wyoming & Citrus County, Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 7, 2006, 12:19 AM
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any thoughts on Gadsden/Gay Pride flag hybrid?


Lessons learned from Westgate Mall.

from the guy that was head of INTERPOL at the time. I'll just let the video speak for itself.

Published on May 18, 2016
Ronald Noble, founder of RKN Global and former INTERPOL Secretary General, believes that guns in the right hands can protect the many innocent persons targeted for slaughter by terrorists. This is not an American argument, nor a political argument. In these horrific situations, law-abiding armed citizens have helped protect others and literally saved lives, and the world should be made aware of this reality.
This video shows how brave armed civilians helped hundreds of people survive the bloody massacre at the Westgate Shopping Mall just a few years ago. In the hands of law-abiding citizens, guns can and do save lives.
At RKN Global, Noble continues to provide the tools for governments, businesses and citizens to protect themselves against terrorism, identity theft, corruption, and passport fraud.
Ronald K. Noble is the founder of RKN Global and the Noble Newspaper of Security & Crime.
Between 2000-2014, Mr. Noble served as INTERPOL Secretary General. He became the first official to visit all of its 190 member countries and is credited with transforming INTERPOL into a global, 24/7 operation--regularly deploying Incident Response Teams (IRTs) worldwide in response to serious crimes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.


Would it be bad taste for a gun store to have a

gay pride sale, including discounts on training?
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