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Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Current location: Sweetwater County, Wyoming & Citrus County, Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 7, 2006, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 17,502

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Now this is an arsenal

Tarpon Springs, Florida Investigators on Tuesday released new information in the case of an 85-year-old man who allegedly lobbed a hand grenade into his neighbor's yard that damaged a concrete slab and the house.

Police say this is a very scary situation. (no shit)

the list included:
various pistols
M-67 hand grenades
Claymore mine

Nine counts of felon in possession
to top it off
But again, he has not been charged for the explosion. But during his first court appearance, the state attorney's office did mention it believes Metz allegedly through (sic) a grenade in the backyard.

Police are still investigating.

Metz is a convicted felon with quite a criminal history that dates back to the '40s, with charges that include robbery, assault, and an alleged escape.

Pet peeve, don't they teach people how to write in J school, or do they have lower standards for the online edition?

closing the railroad car loophole

An alleged thief and his fence have been charged in connection with the theft of more than 100 new guns from a freight train that was stopped overnight at a South Side rail yard in April, according to federal authorities.

Alexander Peebles, 44, and Warren Gates, 48, were charged in separate criminal complaints stemming from the April 12 robbery of the cargo train at 8000 S. South Chicago Ave., court records show.

The train was carrying 318 firearms from the Ruger factory in New Hampshire to Spokane, Wash., and had stopped in Chicago for the night, according to the charges. About 7 a.m. that day, a railroad employee noticed that several locks and seals on the train had been cut open, and police later found bolt cutters and a Ruger magazine in the yard.

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