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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Current location: Sweetwater County, Wyoming & Citrus County, Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 7, 2006, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 17,502

Journal Archives

Air pistols

I'm looking at air pistols for inexpensive training (and just plain fun to shoot). Besides, Wyoming winters and outdoor ranges don't go together. I had a cheap Crossman that sometimes worked. I don't think a $30 Crossman will do the job, but I'm not ready for a Walther LP-400 either. Any suggestions?

Wyoming becomes number 32 and lives up to the state motto

Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael on Monday announced he would file notice with the court at 10 a.m. Tuesday indicating he would not appeal a federal judge's order legalizing same-sex marriages. After the notice is filed, the order will go into effect.


My only question is why it hasn't been challenged by WSSC, since it (IMNSHO) violates the state constitution (article one sections two and three).

Sheridan County School District 1 goes localvore


Dr. George Frison


Interesting outlook when it comes to mental health and gun control

or at least different than the usual single viewpoint from pundits and advocates.

CeaseFire employee/gang member charged with kidnapping and rape

Bloomberg and MAIG loses an average of four mayor members to the criminal justice system. While there have been a couple of really bad ones like Bob Filner and Gary Becker, most have been for run of the mill corruption.
and then there is this guy:
Hernandez faces 36 counts charging him with sexually assaulting and kidnapping a teenage girl while he worked for the program, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned. He’s among at least nine employees of the anti-violence program to face serious criminal charges in recent years.


Hernandez is a ranking member of the Maniac Latin Disciples gang, prosecutors said. He was sentenced to prison for a 2006 gun conviction and a 2005 drug conviction, court records show.

Tio Hardiman, a former director of CeaseFire Illinois, said he was unaware of Hernandez’s continued involvement in a gang. But he said Hernandez was effective in cooling off conflicts in Humboldt Park and Hermosa.


These guys in Texas may be jackasses, but come, really?

Evolve's latest ad

Remember their "don't be a dumb ass" campaign? This one isn't for the blue noses.

British troops to train Kenyan game wardens


Al Shabaab, the militant Islamist group behind the Westgate shopping centre massacre in Nairobi last year, is believed to be one of the key players behind the rise in poaching.

A total of 25 troops from the 3rd Battalion The Rifles will be sent to Nanyuki, 160 miles north of Nairobi, to provide training to Kenyan rangers, but will not be involved in operations against poachers.

Already in the past year, 60 wardens and 38,000 elephants have been killed by poachers as ivory prices spiral.

Last year Prince William urged leaders to save ‘some of the world’s most captivating species’, and Hillary Clinton unveiled a £50million plan to tackle elephant poaching.

This is the kind of military intervention I believe in.

does it matter that

the cops didn't bother to watch Rogers' videos, or bother to check California's gun registry (which is at the point of purchase) to see if he bought any?

leading self defense lawyer and competitive shooter calls Texas Open Carry jackasses

A friend of mine sent me this. I pondered about using it, but the point of the op ed outweighs the source. While I disagree with some things and ambivalent about other opinions he expresses here, like repealing the Gun Control Act, I completly agree with the point of the op ed.
I also think that anybody engaged in the practice of “Open Carry in YOUR FACE!!!” (henceforth “OCIYF!”) is behaving like a jackass.

Actually, I think they’re worse than that, but I’m trying to keep this a family-friendly post.

What, you might ask, is “OCIYF!”? It’s an activity, usually orchestrated among multiple participants, to openly carry firearms for the deliberate purpose of drawing attention to themselves, usually by means of frightening a populace unfamiliar with the sight or practice of open carry. They typically to do this to increasing degrees until they compel action against their “OCIYF!” activities, at which point they express outrageously outraged outrage.


Oh, if case anyone is curious, it is this guy.
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