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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Current location: Sweetwater County, Wyoming & Citrus County, Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 7, 2006, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 17,502

Journal Archives

Just finished reading this book

I recommend it for both sides (of course, I always recommend for both sides)


Agree? Disagree? Indifferent?

What if NORML and the SAF joined forces?

How would the culture warriors deal with this?
Not a smoker myself, but I love this quote enough to give them a couple of bucks, and send an email to SAF/
“This is an affront to our constitutional rights and hopefully other Second Amendment groups will stand with us in calling for an end to this practice, but it will likely require the rescheduling of marijuana by Congress,” Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML, said in an email.


MLK/Equality Day cheering up

After reading about corporate land grabs and bathroom pandering, some good news is in order. It would happen to be in the town where I had my first and only ride in the back seat of a cop car.

The Drift

Are loners smarter?

any O'Malley or Jim Webb supporters?

just curious

rural Hispanics and whites voting and why

A couple of interesting reads I think will shed some light on the subject

One quote from the Rollcall article stood out to me
“When they do show up, it’s 22-year-old kids from the Ivy League,” Sadler said. “And they’re telling you what do, as opposed to stopping and listening.”

It reminded me of a You Tube video by a classical liberal German that I subscribe to.
Comment as you see fit.

new magizines

what is the best way to break in new magazines?

has anyone heard of this?

I have never heard of a “supervised direct payment status” and I have no idea how the VA would have access to anyone's transaction information. Something is missing from this story. Have anyone heard of this?
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