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Time to buy Ruger and Glock stock

stock up on ammo.

It was the first meeting between Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul, and Mr. Romney, the former chief executive of a private equity firm.
Over coffee and juice, the two discussed several staples of Mr. Bloomberg’s agenda in Washington over the last decade: the economy, immigration, education and even gun control (a topic on which the two man are not entirely on the same page).

During one of the debates, all Obama has to do is ask Mitt "which one of us signed an AWB?"
This is probably off topic but how will the NRA (and the kind of right leaning to centrist gun owners in general) react if Bloomberg endorses Mitt? Will they stay home or vote their wallet?

I know this is off topic, but one of the readers comments:
Bloomberg has ruled, not governed, as a right wing ideologue who uses social issues, such as gay rights and gun control, to give New Yorkers the impression that he's liberal. He's decimated public education, attempted to privatize everything that moves (remember Stephen Goldmith, the Deputy Mayor and his snow removal policies), hired consultants with no-bid contracts costing the city billions, presided over many scandals, like CityTime, that he bought his way out of, has attempted to create a "nanny state" with his paternalistic view of others, and never let democracy get in the way of a third term. I could go on! He and Willard have a lot in common, much more than their wealth. However, remember the words of Balzac- "Behind every fortune there is a great crime."
I really don't follow NYC issues, but it does not surprise at all. Plutocrats want power for themselves and not the serfs. That includes, to kind of paraphrase Mao, the power that comes out of a barrel of a gun.

Bloomburg strikes again

What I want to know is what state the sellers are in? Was the information turned over to the ATF.
I doubt that it is the "first ever", I picture the ATF doing this type of stings.


For those of you who are not familiar with federal gun control laws:
Interstate sales between individuals violates the Gun Control Act of 1968.
For the sale to be legal in any way, the gun would have to be shipped to a licensed dealer for the buyer to pick it up and go through the background check etc. In other words, it does not matter what the buyer said because he would be going through the background check anyway when he goes to pick it up from the dealer. Even in the first sale, not going through a FFL would be violating federal law. NYC knows this. MAIG knows this. The average reader of Huff and Business Week does not.

Policy questions are:
how do gun control advocates feel about their side (in this case a conservative plutocrat) using dishonesty to advance their goals?
should the ATF do similar stings on gunbroker etc to weed out those who do not use FFLs in interstate sales?
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