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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 02:27 AM
Number of posts: 352

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What I'd Say If I Was Veep Nominee Harris

"I've been dealing with bullies all my life and I won't say they lost, but I will say I won. From the time I could walk and play I was ridiculed for being a girl, for looking different, for being black, for having parents who immigrated from another country. Once it started, it never stopped, but here I am to tell you that almost all of those people are in my rearview mirror. Almost.

"Like all those bullies I've left behind, Trump is trying to scare people with the fact that my parents came to America to study and build their lives. He says that it disqualifies me. The truth is it disqualifies him because he clearly hasn't read the Constitution. I am an American who was born in America. I have read the Constitution and I am here to put this unqualified bully in all of our rearview mirrors."

Col. Kuhdufus Is Committing Election Fraud

Talk that undermines faith in the mail-in voting system paired with attempts to hobble the mechanisms that operate the mail-in voting system is fraud. This panty stain has already admitted "Republicans would never be elected again if voting is made easier." We have motive, intent, and all that other crap they look for on a suspect in cop shows. The only thing we are missing are prosecutors who are calling it was it is - ELECTION FRAUD!

So let's start calling it what it is. I'm going to contact my Congresspeople and ask them to address it as such. And while I'm at it, I'm going to ask that they call what our new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is doing "mail tampering."

We need to keep the pressure on these goons. We need to keep them on defense until they crumble under the power of their own stench. We also need to warn them not to simply shift tactics under threat of law.

We aren't just mad as hell. We're sick of this shit and we won't stop until the Gopper Criminal Syndicate is wiped out!
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