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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 03:27 AM
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We Can Start the Era of Liberal Dominance

The greatest success of Reagan/Bush was recalibrating America politically in such a way that (white) liberal office seekers shied away from their liberalism in order to not offend "Reagan Democrats" and other centrist voters that fell for Reagan's BS. It turned the Gross Obstructionist Party the default choice for middle-of-the-road white voters who have looked the other way as Republicans have shot up the deficit, gutted regulations, eliminated consumer protection, started costly wars, systematically scrubbed voters of color off voter rolls coast-to-coast, and became the party of choice for avowed white supremacists. There is not a single GOP policy that has made life better for middle class Republican voters, yet they continued to support conservative malfeasance over and over because conservatives PRESENT themselves as stronger and more confident. It's time to flip that script!

Let's start talking about the BIDEN REPUBLICANS - all those Republican voters who are so vocally nauseated that their party has become so open and honest over its embrace of white nationalism, they can't stand it anymore. Let's do this over the next four years as Trump's reputation as a former president sinks to subterranean levels. We should refer to conservatives who finally came around to choosing country over party in 2020 as Biden Republicans just as we refer to those corrupt Trump hangers-on as Trump Republicans. In the nest forty years, "Trump Republican" will be a Scarlet Letter stamped on any Republican who throws their hat in the ring (Hello, Tom Cotton).

It is time to make Republicanism a mark of shame and weakness. If there is one benefit of the morass of the past four years is that Republicans have made themselves so obviously repugnant and incompetent. They showed their hand and we shouldn't let anyone forget. Let's talk about how Biden won over the Biden Republicans again and again and again then watch the rats jump ship.

Just spitballin' here.

"Mr. Vice President...

"Right now there are thousands of hardworking parents, who don't want their healthcare or their children's healthcare taken away. They know that you have no plan and they don't appreciate you calling them 'Leftists' and 'Socialists'. There are farmers who want something done about climate change to remove the uncertainty of floods and drought. They don't appreciate you calling them 'Leftists' and 'Socialists'. There are average Americans who want a robust system of social services so police can focus on crime. They don't appreciate you calling them 'Leftists' and 'Socialists'. There are millions of people watching who want to uphold Roe v. Wade. That doesn't make them 'Leftists' and 'Socialists'. There are millions of people watching, some of who voted for you, who are fed up with your failures. That does not make them 'Leftists' and 'Socialists'. They are just Americans who want what's best for our country. So stop calling them names."
Posted by BaronChocula | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 06:46 PM (3 replies)
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