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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 02:27 AM
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Thanks to Congressional Democrats who have finally put their full potential on checking the crimes of Mafia Don. Many of you are concerned about whether or not the case will gain public traction. One thing that may help your cause is a little something called rhetoric. The words you use and how you use them can make all the difference. The first thing to bear in mind is that you are up against a fraudulent but successful marketing machine. When Trump goes after those who prosecute him, he relentlessly and aggressively assails them with so much intensity that he erodes their credibility. Talking like a college professor is no way to combat him. Don't try to sound educated. Sound angry! When talking about Trump use pointed words like:
Example: Trump is so corrupt, he commits crime after crime after crime yet he's so incompetent it's all traceable.

When discussing the people who protect Trump in the Administration and in Congress, use words like:
Example: Again and again, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and all the other Congressional Republicans have been accomplices who have aided and abetted each and every crime committed by Trump. It's like a criminal syndicate

Also, use graphic analogies that you imagine white suburban women could actually start repeating if you you use them frequently enough.
Example: If America is a house, Trump is burning it down with all of us in it. He needs to be stopped.
How long does a CRIME have to go on before you step up and do something about it? The time has come.

Finally, dictate the narrative you want people to believe.
Example: Republicans in Congress secretly want Trump out ASAP because of what he's done to their party, but they're afraid.

When you sound clear and rightfully accusatory, you sound like you have control over the situation. People support those who take control. People support those with a clear and simple message. People support those with a repeatable narrative. So go out there, calibrate your rhetoric to suit the mission and GET THAT TRAPPED RAT!
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