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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 02:27 AM
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Keeping Heat on MAGA Goppers Over Immigration Fail

It would be great to hear Dems come out every day and refuse to agree to anything on immigration until all the families that have been wrongly separated have been reunited. If the parents have been deported, they should be able to find their children through American embassies and consulates. If they are being detained here, their children should be brought to them. Until then, Dems should do everything to make white suburban woman reflect on how they would feel having their children taken away for the crime of trying to keep them safe.

I beg the Democratic leadership not to let this issue die while toddlers remain in Gopper jail ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME!

David Corn and the Dem Messaging Deficit

Mother Jones' David Corn just published a piece sounding the alarm at how Trump is winning the messaging war in the Russia investigation because there is no sufficient rhetorical opposition. It's not so much that there is no pushback. There is no rhetorical offense. But it's not just in the case of Russian collusion. Democrats are out-messaged for lack of going on coordinated offense 100% of the time.

Let's take a page from the book of Gopper messaging. No - Let's take the entire book. With nothing to offer, Goppers put negative spin on every move Democrats make with quick denigrating phrases that seep down to those white suburban women who literally swing in the balance. Suburbanites were soaking up Gopper messaging on Obamacare before Obamacare even became law which helped to shift House leadership to Gopper hands. Goppers have a simple offensive phrase for everything Dems support with the purpose of sowing doubt in the Dem agenda.

Dems, on the other hand do have an agenda, but we have no messaging. While it's so easy, it's never done. It's VEXING. No safe Dem should talk about the Trump Administration without mentioning how Americans are tired of the DAILY CORRUPTION, LIES, AND COVERUPS. It's so easy.

No Dem should avoid the opportunity to talk about the MASSIVE DEFICIT HIKE passed by Goppers which PUNISHES THE MIDDLE CLASS FOR MAKING LESS MONEY. It's so easy!

No one should talk about and White House officials and their Congressional allies without referring to them as CONSPIRATORS where applicable. It's so easy!

No Dem should talk about agenda and vision for the future without talking about THE MORAL HERITAGE OF OUR COUNTRY. We should own it. It's so easy.

Goppers never lost points by using rhetoric to undermine voter faith in Democrats and the Democratic Party. They are the only ones playing on that field. Yes, we need Adam Schiff to explain the legal ins and outs of Gopper corruption, but we also need to frame what we would want the typical suburban white voter to parrot to their friends. Whose message do we want them to repeat - ours or theirs?

Should we be going on offense on points in the Russia investigation? Yes. That would be a great place to START.
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