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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 02:27 AM
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"What the Democratic Party needs is blah blah blah"

Just listened to an MSNBC host (Steve Kornacki) posit the idiocy that the Democratic party needs a new face, for the umpteenth time. I think that advice may actually have been concocted in a Kremlin office.

When has anyone EVER talked about the party out of power needing a new face? NEVER! This is a strategy created to bait Democrats into self-destruction. On one edge of the sword, a new face for the Democratic party would give the GOP (Moscow) a straw person to tear down, which is much easier than having to defend child molesters and cataclysmic tax cuts for the rich. On the other edge, it scares timid Democrats into going after Nancy Pelosi who, regardless of her poor messaging ability is AMAZING AT HER JOB OF KEEPING HER CAUCUS TOGETHER.

I hope the Party ignores the bait and does the following things:
- Keeps running candidates everywhere, at every level.
- Remembers the message which includes affordable education, jobs with fair American wages, protection for the American consumer, and a government that is funded and run professionally. Basically, the same things FDR talked about.

The Democratic party will do what every party out of power does which is rebuild with the help of a little discipline. A "new face" of the Democratic party will emerge in 2020 which may be too early to talk about. In the meantime, if they can just avoid the invitations to implode, The 2018 wave will be real.

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