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Hometown: New York State
Member since: Sat Jul 15, 2006, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 3,133

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24 hour news is not news it is opinion and mostly right wing opinion.

Finally many are waking up to that. We have highly paid talkers spewing billionaires agendas. None of the so called 24 hour cable news channels are on our side.

Just the opposite they ignore and belittle our progressive views at every turn. Wake up friends. Turn off the cable news. There is only a few minutes of news every day, the rest is opinion fill and it is divisive and full of disinformation .

All they care about is the almighty election ad billions of dollars. Cut the cable, stream what you want you will feel better I do. Going on four years of life without cable talkers and their opinions of things I don't give a rats ass about.

How many times do you need to be told about a kid who lied about a crime?????? Yes MSNBC included, they are not our channel. We only have each other here for our news, and some late night comedians, otherwise we are Newsless.

Brotherhood of man. United we stand.

Their men were away at war. What an i gonna do. 1970.

Try something new this election. Say good things about your choice.

And stop bad mouthing other candidates. Independent or Democrat. Maybe if we don't divide ourselves like Putin and the pukes want us to do we can Unite and win big. If we all do this we may be able to pick out the bots and trolls?

We are learning a lot about our wealth class.

Mostly they all suck canal water.

8 Billion dollars is a lot of money trump saved Mexico by caving on his promise.

Talk about leading from behind?

From Staying Alive. Far from over.

Toulouse, It always happens this way. From Letterkenny.

What makes this song great? Rick Beato plays Rush. Closer to the heart.

Mr. Bojangles.

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