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Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2006, 12:17 AM
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Anonymous: Revolution 2012

Uploaded by TheAnonMessage on Mar 29, 2012

The time has come...

''The most potent weapon of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed.'' - Steven Biko

What Really Goes On In The Forest At Night

Brave New Bank? BRICS moot dropping dollar, IMF

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Mar 29, 2012

The BRICS summit has wrapped up in India. Creating an alternative global lender and stepping away from the dollar as a reserve currency were among their main objectives. RT's Priya Sridhar is in New Delhi.
Earlier RT spoke to Dr Sreeram Chaulia, who is a Vice Dean at the Jindal School of International Affairs. He believes institutions like the IMF and the World Bank have outlived their uselfulness.

- And they're off!

Egypt's 'Comedy Revolution' proves a hit

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Mar 26, 2012

Since the revolution Egyptian political satire has developed a sharper edge.

****** “Always do right. It will please some and astonish the rest!” ~Mark Twain ******

Bo Xilai Supporters Face Backlash

Uploaded by NTDTV on Mar 21, 2012

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When Bo Xilai was removed from his post as party chief in Chongqing, his supporters panicked, fearing the backlash that was soon to come. Some of them switched sides and others simply disappeared.

Former Chongqing Communist Party secretary Bo Xilai's supporters are facing a backlash following the removal of the Politburo member from his post in Chongqing on March 15th.

Reuters reported last Thursday that Sima Nan, a Maoist-leftist writer and public speaker in Beijing said, "The removal of Bo Xilai is a real shock to me...If this amounts to a negation of the Chongqing model, then I can't agree with this decision."

On Friday, Sima was informed his scheduled speeches at universities in Beijing and Hong Kong had been cancelled. He later said his microblog was banned from posting.

Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan was quick to change alliances and reveal many allegations against Bo Xilai, including Bo's order to put Sima Nan in charge of his local propaganda. Huang also said Bo had instructed Sima to collect and spread news against Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping, who oppose the leftist movement.

Liangjiang Party secretary Xu Ming, Bo Xilai's confidant, who allegedly bribed Bo for business gains, went missing after Bo's sacking. Hu Ping, chief editor of "Beijing Spring" magazine, assumes Xu is being suspended and investigated.

{Hu Ping, Chief Editor, "Beijing Spring" Magazine}:
"As a major official, Bo Xilai has problems. Seeing all is lost, his cronies will likely try to escape."

Ji Xiaofeng, chief editor of "China Review News", said that Zhou Yongkang, a Politburo Standing Committee member and avid supporter of Bo Xilai, could be next in line to fall, and maybe even former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, who is protecting Zhou.

Police and military guards have been deployed to Chongqing to prevent Maoist supporters from taking action or attempting to leave the country. A sign was posted in Chongqing People's Square forbidding singing and dancing starting from March 15, since Bo Xilai had promoted mass sing-a-longs of revolutionary songs there during his post.

- When they ban singing and dancing in China the music has definitely stopped, and you had better hope there are still some chairs left.....

No one asked their names

[font size=4]No one asked their names[/font]

By Qais Azimy in Asia
Mon, 2012-03-19 14:23.

Nine of the 16 victims were children [AFP]

In the days following the rogue US soldier’s shooting spree in Kandahar, most of the media, us included, focused on the “backlash” and how it might further strain the relations with the US.

Many mainstream media outlets channelled a significant amount of energy into uncovering the slightest detail about the accused soldier – now identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. We even know where his wife wanted to go for vacation, or what she said on her personal blog.

But the victims became a footnote, an anonymous footnote. Just the number 16. No one bothered to ask their ages, their hobbies, their aspirations. Worst of all, no one bothered to ask their names.

In honoring their memory, I write their names below, and the little we know about them: that nine of them were children, three were women.

The dead:
Mohamed Dawood son of Abdullah
Khudaydad son of Mohamed Juma
Nazar Mohamed
Shatarina daughter of Sultan Mohamed
Zahra daughter of Abdul Hamid
Nazia daughter of Dost Mohamed
Masooma daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Farida daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Palwasha daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Esmatullah daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Faizullah son of Mohamed Wazir
Essa Mohamed son of Mohamed Hussain
Akhtar Mohamed son of Murrad Ali

The wounded:
Haji Mohamed Naim son of Haji Sakhawat
Mohamed Sediq son of Mohamed Naim


Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake - GUERRERO, MEXICO

Source: USGS

Magnitude 7.9 - GUERRERO, MEXICO
2012 March 20 18:02:53 UTC

Magnitude 7.9 (Preliminary magnitude — update expected within 15 minutes)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 18:02:53 UTC
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 12:02:53 PM at epicenter

Location 17.041°N, 98.115°W
Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program

52 km (32 miles) NE (39°) from Ometepec, Guerrero, Mexico
53 km (33 miles) WSW (241°) from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico
76 km (47 miles) SE (138°) from Tlapa, Guerrero, Mexico
148 km (92 miles) W (270°) from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
193 km (120 miles) E (83°) from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Location Uncertainty Error estimate not available
Parameters NST= 13, Nph=0, Dmin=0 km, Rmss=0 sec, Gp=187°,
M-type="moment" magnitude from initial P wave (tsuboi method) (Mi/Mwp), Version=B

NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Event ID pt12080001

Read more: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/pt12080001.php

Severance for the 1%: Gannett's CEO lost $1.7 billion, gets $32 million buyout

- I bet the guys who lost their shirts in the horse&buggy business are eating their hearts out.......

We Stopped Dreaming - Neil deGrasse Tyson

The profit mechanism creates established orders which constitute the survival and wealth for a few groups of people. The fact is that no matter how socially beneficial new advents may be, they will be viewed in hostility if they threaten an established financially-driven institution. Thus, social progress can be a threat to the establishment.

We have to understand that government as we know it today, is not in place for the well being of the public, but rather for the perpetuation of their establishment and their power. Just like every other institution within a monetary system. Government is a monetary invention for the sake of economic and social control and its methods are based upon self-preservation, first and foremost. All a government can really do is to create laws to compensate for an inherent lack of integrity within the social order.

In society today the public is essentially kept distracted and uninformed. This is the way that governments maintain control. If you review history, power is maintained through ignorance.

~Peter Joseph

The Best Street Art Of 2011

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