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PJMcK's Journal
PJMcK's Journal
February 17, 2024

Seven words that describe Trump to a "T"

Has there ever been anyone who has been so full of themself?! In spite of a lifetime of failures, Trump sees himself as a master of all Time and Space. Pathetic.

Trump’s true love is money and its pursuit is his prime motivation. To him, wealth is the only measure of success in life. Pitiful.

Trump angrily seeks revenge against anyone who even slightly crosses him. The man lives in a fog of anger, hatred and jealousy. Miserable.

His pursuits of money and power are to compensate for his deep-seated awareness of his gross inadequacies. He sees others’ successes and is driven to “best” them. Childish.

Trump’s pathetic libido has been on display for decades. He has often bragged about his “conquests.” Misogynistic.

One look at Smelvis the Slobfather (apologies to DUer malaise!) and it’s apparent Trump overeats and doesn’t care for his body. Revolting.

Has there ever been anyone as lazy and irresponsible as Trump? Trash.

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