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PJMcK's Journal
PJMcK's Journal
June 27, 2020

I remember her fondly

We dated for about 2-1/2 years then stayed friendly for another 5 or so before losing touch. I always wondered where her life took her.

Twenty years later, we re-connected through a mutual friend. With phone calls and email, we reestablished a friendship and shared our respective lives. Although we never saw one another, and there were no illusions or fantasies about getting together, we had our history as a bridge to our new relationship.

Then one day, I got a phone call from her daughter with whom I had spoken on several occasions. My first love had died suddenly at only 58 years old. For about an hour, I stared at a blank wall trying to comprehend my feelings.

Although I'm a very happily married man sharing a wonderful life, there is a hole in my heart.

June 19, 2020

Of course Bolton is an asshole!

It's so ludicrous to try to portray Bolton as some kind of patriot.

A patriot would have stood up when they heard Trump tilting foreign policy to his own electoral benefit.

Bolton did not do that.

A patriot would have stood up and testified when the U.S. House of Representatives was hearing evidence in the impeachment process.

Bolton did not do that.

Instead, Bolton tried to hold onto his "ace-in-the-hole" in order to hype the sales of his book detailing the criminality of the man that Bolton served for 17 months. He put his own financial gain ahead of the nation he had sworn to serve.

Bolton is no patriot.

And I'm supposed to respect him because he's telling the truth about Trump? I've known the truth about Trump since the 1980s. Glad to see you've caught up with the rest of us, Bolton.

Too little and way too late, Walrus Boy.

June 6, 2020

Regarding Trump's trip to the bunker

For the past week, it's been fun to poke Trump about his hiding in the basement when the crowds were at the gates. As usual, Trump makes the story even worse for himself by coming up with a ridiculous story.

All he had to do was tell the truth: The Secret Service perceived a dangerous threat to the perimeter of the White House grounds. It was their call to protect the president (and his family, I guess) by escorting him to the safe facility. I believe the Secret Service has the authority to over-rule anyone in such a circumstance. All Trump had to do was tell the truth. No one would have mocked him because the Service was just doing their job, (which they do very well).

But Trump can't help himself. He has to lie to try to make himself look tough. Yet, just the opposite occurred. Trump looked like a frighted little boy who then had to puff out his chest and tell everyone how strong he is. And the walk to the church wasn't just a PR disaster, it was blasphemous since he was using a church and the Bible as political props.

All he had to do was tell the truth. But he can't.

It's because Trump is an idiot.

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