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Larry Ogg

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Member since: Sat May 27, 2006, 12:54 PM
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Pot meet kettle… I was thinking the exact same thing. Well almost…

If it serves their interest, the guilty have no problem scapegoating blame off their selves and onto others who are also guilty.

Republicans, who are blind to their own malevolence, lead the way when it comes to being out of touch with the needs of ordinary citizens, and they are masters at and have no problem using the... "Shift the blame game."

Democrats on the other hand, can at least show a little chivalry and honor amongst thieves, and they are more likely to subscribe to the idea that... "People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones."

Beneficiaries of a corrupt monetary system would be hard-pressed to levy justice upon it...

If a fair and just monetary system did exist, socially adjustments according wealth would be a thing of the past, and social adjustments according to ability and conscience would be the norm.

Liberals would become the caretakers of Democracy and peace would break out throughout the world...

In the meantime, conservatives, conservative extremist, and banksters - due to underdeveloped regions of the brain - would be seen as suffering from a form of delusional psychoses that predisposes them to act and think like barbaric Neanderthals, to a lessor and greater degree respectively.

So would Hillary jail the Banksters...? Not in a million years!

And the people they control are given millions of dollars in order to buy M$M celebrity status...

They in affect, hand pick the greater and lesser evils that they want all of us debt slaves to vote for, and because it cost a fortune to get elected, they have the advantage of weeding out the ones they don't want us to vote for.

And because of that, over time, the masses have been reduced to fighting over witch is better, to be hung with a blue rope or to be hung with a red rope.

Even the word "Propaganda" is a little too soft when your talking about...

deliberate psychological warfare, brainwashing, and mass deception.

Adding to that, there are many deceptive techniques used by corporate media that is Textbook Psychopathy.

Unfortunately, even though Fox News is the worst offender, it isn't the only fraud within the M$M, it just Taylor makes a fictitious reality that appeals to the most illiterate, naive, and psychologically clueless elements of our society; i.e. the ones you can fool all of time, aka the most conservative Authoritarian extremist / Republicans.

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