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Gender: Male
Member since: Mon May 15, 2006, 10:56 AM
Number of posts: 259

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Writer, journalist, author.

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Little delicacy being served at the Library of Congress

Love love love this. (I'd embed it but it appears I can't.)


That's for sure...

She's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Fox News is playing games with its viewers

There's a great piece on Media Matters about how Fox has people like Shep Smith to make it appear "fair and balanced." It's all a sham, as is this railing against Trump for barking at John McCain. And that's all Fox is ... it's a piece of crap disguised as a news source. They want their viewers to think they are sincere, but remember that the face of Fox is idiots like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and faux judge Jeannine Pirro.

And this bluster that they'll get rid of Pirro? I don't believe it for a second.

Does Al Franken have any kind of a chance of coming back?

I'm still fuming over the whole Al Franken thing. I think he got railroaded unjustly. Yes, the USO pics sucked, but he admitted it and profusely apologized. I'd never support Kirsten Gillibrand because of her actions. Given her candidacy for president, she used that to boost her standing nationally.

That said, I would love to see Al come back. We need him. If he'd run against Trump he'd win. He'd be better than Beto. Maybe Biden will pick him for a running mate. That'd be fantastic.

Any thoughts?

Rudy and Trump in a comedy gag

(I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm posting this as a slur. It's not meant to be.)

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