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Gender: Male
Member since: Mon May 15, 2006, 10:56 AM
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Writer, journalist, author.

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The whole swift boating thing was b.s.

I look upon the swift boating episode as one of the most disgraceful periods in our history. Republicans should have been very much blackmarked over that with the lies (especially by that scumbag hack Jerome Corsi). Why Kerry didn't respond still gets me. This is not b.s. Willard the Rat needs to address it. He's trying to stay in denial. Good. The longer he denies it, the more the damage to his haughty self.

How does Stoessel hold a job?

I was amazed he was ever on "20/20." Then they got smart and dropped him. He's as bad as Limbaugh. Nothing more than a shock jock, basically.

Fantastic! Maybe Mitt will come by and honor his big supporter.

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