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Gender: Male
Member since: Mon May 15, 2006, 10:56 AM
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Writer, journalist, author.

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Breitbart is scum

I hold Breitbart (I call it not-so-Brightbart) and TMZ at about the same scummy level. Both are sleaze mongers of the worst order. So while it doesn't surprise me they care more about Donald Drumpf than a female reporter, I'm not going to lose sleep over this. I hope Fields gets a job with a real news organization that isn't owned by Rupert Murdoch.

And I have to wonder how they would have reacted had this been a male reporter.

The bottom line ...

Dems need to put out a razor sharp, crystal clear message in the next two years and let voters know that Republicans don't stand for what they do, don't want what they do and will set the country back decades, even centuries with their backwoods logic.

Why is the Republican Party product is more attractive right now?

I think the question the party and everyone in it should be asking right now is why people aren't flocking to the Democratic Party platform and its candidates. Certainly, and sadly, some of the reason is the way the Republicans have used racism to foster a hatred for the president.

But it's more than that. It's the fear-mongering on Fox News (ALERT!) with Ebola, terrorism and immigration. All they had to do is get their lemmings to believe Obama and the Administration isn't on top of the problem. And they did just that.

Then there's Obamacare, which, if you believe the Republican meme, is the worst thing since the plague. No, it's WORSE than the plague.

Admit it. That crap is an easy sell. And then you have jokers like the Koch Brothers with infinite resources.

Republicans play the "keep it simple, stupid" game. They sell their idiocy like a product. It's about time Dems got the hint. Keep it simple. Be direct. Say it loud.

I'm also beginning to wonder if DWS should be replaced, maybe with someone with a bolder image. Ed Rendel, maybe?

But Dems need to get an effective message out. They certainly aren't doing it now.

I also think the Dems should take a hard line against the Republicans in January. Cooperate? Hell, no.

Let's list all the bad things Republicans have done for America

I think the DNC should talk down to the country like the RNC does. You know, keep it simple. So how about a list of things the RNC has done that can be used against them in advertising this fall to get the message across to voters that they should not be returned to Washington.

I'll start it off:

Republicans wanted to keep health care/Obamacare away from people who could really use it and did everything the could to repeal it.

Another: Republicans want to eliminate a woman's right to choose.

Petition asks President Obama to honor Beatles' 50th annivesary

There's a petition on the White House website asking the president to pay tribute to the Beatles' 50th anniversary.

It reads, "President Obama, in a speech honoring Paul McCartney, said the Beatles "blew the walls down for everybody else. In a few short years, they had changed the way that we listened to music, thought about music and performed music forever. They helped to lay the soundtrack for an entire generation -- an era of endless possibility and of great change." That continues to be true today. They deserve to be honored by the president for the wonderful music and the positive effects their music has had on America and the world."

It's a cool idea. I hope you'll sign it.

He's no hero

I approved of Daniel Ellsberg, but I think Snowden's a jerk. His complete trashing of government security caused much more harm than good. There's a big difference between a whistleblower and a traitor. Snowden is a traitor.

The whole swift boating thing was b.s.

I look upon the swift boating episode as one of the most disgraceful periods in our history. Republicans should have been very much blackmarked over that with the lies (especially by that scumbag hack Jerome Corsi). Why Kerry didn't respond still gets me. This is not b.s. Willard the Rat needs to address it. He's trying to stay in denial. Good. The longer he denies it, the more the damage to his haughty self.

How does Stoessel hold a job?

I was amazed he was ever on "20/20." Then they got smart and dropped him. He's as bad as Limbaugh. Nothing more than a shock jock, basically.

Fantastic! Maybe Mitt will come by and honor his big supporter.

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