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Member since: Fri May 5, 2006, 05:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,941

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Google ad on msnbc streaming -- dumbest thing ever?

I watch Rachel on streaming and got this ad every break. It's this little obsequious shit practicing his groveling skills in an empty office. Mr. Coots, I love your hair. Mr. Coots, that's an impressive suit. Mr. Coots, the sight of you makes me question my orientation.

And then he sees a picture of a castle on the wall. Using his google phone, he identifies it. Mr. Coots enters and he applies this nugget of gold, asking the man if he's been to that region recently and why yes, he has. You know castles? I've always been into castles since a minute ago. Lips applied to ass and he's working in the tongue.

Is this really what Google wants to sell on? Shit, why not have a commercial with a man showing a woman the perfect time on a date and then the reveal is every little thing he learned about what she likes to impress her was learned from Facebook stalking? "Honey, you've never seen who I really am. I've only shown you the man you think you wanted. And we'll be together until the day we die. Aren't murder-suicides so romantic?"
Posted by jollyreaper2112 | Sun Dec 30, 2012, 08:13 AM (0 replies)

Gun Problem, solved by a modest proposal

You are allowed to have any gun you want, including fully-automatic machine guns. But they all have to come in pink.


Serious, responsible gun owners secure in their sexuality can deal with pink. They aren't idiots and I'm not concerned about what they own.

Irresponsible, insecure types who use a gun to feel like a man and are preoccupied with what others think of them won't be able to work through their own mental block. "How can a gay gun make me look like a baller?" Gun violence ends overnight. The nation heals.

Of course, this will only work so long as the most ignorant among us continue to hate the gays. If they do become more accepting, we could go back to ridiculous levels of gun violence.
Posted by jollyreaper2112 | Tue Dec 18, 2012, 10:32 AM (11 replies)

Why men's rights advocates feel creepy

People are assholes in general. Therefore it stands to reason we'll get them in male and female flavors. And we certainly have evidence of that. Just read the police blotter and you'll see there are many angry and crazy women to go with the angry and crazy men.

And yes, there is a measure of blindness in society towards this sort of thing, assuming a man can defend himself or that he had it coming.

But even while admitting that, the self-identified MRA's seem to have a bigger chip on their shoulders and it always seems to go beyond an accurate description of the problem to a paranoid nightmare view of reality with gynocratic dictators persecuting innocent men.

I get the same vibes when social program faults are criticized from the right. I want reform of abuse and they say they want the same but their version of reform is repeal. You can't abuse a system that ain't there!

Back when an MRA leader self-immolated outside a courthouse there were links to subculture forums and their view of things was pretty eye-opening. It reminded me of the same sort of paranoid ideation of the winger sites, just swap out the bugbear for your favorite threat. Jews, blacks, illegals, liberals, gays, it all seems interchangeable.

It basically feels like an elaborate rationalization to avoid accepting blame. Is it likelier everyone else in the world has a problem or just me? Let's go with the rest of the world.

Posted by jollyreaper2112 | Sat Dec 8, 2012, 04:48 AM (14 replies)

I'm ready for my McCarthy moment now

I keep waiting for us to have the "no shame" McCarthy moment. And waiting. And waiting. Every time they have a crowning moment of stupid I'm thinking "Maybe this is it, maybe this is the one!" And things continue as normal.
Posted by jollyreaper2112 | Fri Dec 7, 2012, 01:44 PM (10 replies)
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