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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2006, 06:56 PM
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Republicans have always wanted one-party rule. They're almost there.

If and when the Republicans vote to acquit Trump, democracy as we know it will die. While we mourn its death, Republicans will celebrate and dance on its grave. They will finally have what they’ve wanted for years, one-party rule. They can rig and even cancel elections and stay in power forever, and I’m sure they will do it.

When they use the phrase “the American people”, they are not talking about us. They are there to serve the extremely wealthy who financed their campaigns, and to become extremely wealthy themselves. They don’t want to have to compete for their highly lucrative jobs every two or four or six years.

For years they’ve used Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, among others, as State media to demonize Democratic politicians who keep destroying their dream of one-party rule. When (most) Democratic leaders use the term “the American people”, they DO mean us. Beginning with FDR’s New Deal, Democrats have long fought for programs that help us have a better standard of living and a more just society, programs that many of the extremely wealthy don’t want to help pay for. And since (until now) one-party rule has been out of their reach, they’ve had to gain and keep their power by cheating in elections and by using lies and propaganda to turn the American people (us!) against the very party that exists to help us live better lives. Sadly, they have been amazingly successful.

I am holding on to a tiny sliver of hope that there will be four brave Republican senators who will stand up with their Democratic compatriots and vote for witnesses, turning this farce into an actual trial. At least then, truth would have more of a chance to be spoken and heard. And if those witnesses turned the tide and allowed Trump to finally be held accountable for his crimes, those four senators would forever be heroes for saving our democracy.

If they don’t, I’m afraid the 243-year-old American Experiment will be over.

I shudder to think about what comes next. I fear our democratic republic will quickly become an autocracy and our lives will become much more difficult than they are now. I pity the young people who will have to live with the consequences of this Republican/corporate coup for many more years than I will. I’ll probably have left this life before the earth is completely destroyed by these greedy, reckless fools and their counterparts around the world.

But my children and your children will still be here, trying to live the best lives they can in a very changed--more impoverished and less free--society. I wish Trump’s voters would understand what they have unleashed on our country: a president who wields absolute power because no one will stop him. He obviously has great respect for dictators, and now he’ll get to be one, too.

He said he wanted to run America like a business. Welcome to America, Inc.

Where's Igor?

I thought Lev had a partner.
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