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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2006, 07:56 PM
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Fuck the 2nd Amendment!!!

I am so fucking tired of gun worshipers using the fucking 2nd Amendment to justify their 'right' to stockpile lethal weapons that are killing our children. Every other country (Australia, for instance) that has implemented serious gun control legislation has the advantage of not having, afaik, anything like the fucking 2nd Amendment to contend with.

I'm sorry, but our slave owning founders did not walk on water and the words they wrote down were not holy writ. The 2nd Amendment probably was needed 200 years ago, but it is NOT NEEDED NOW.
The gun lobby has used it to convince people that they need as many guns as they can get to hold off the coming (non-existent) invasion of the federal government. The whole thing is obscene and ridiculous and I am sick of it.

FUCK the 2nd Amendment!!!! There is nothing holy or good about it. It has become a right wing talking point that keeps anything sane about guns from happening.

So, what are those guns for, really?

Missouri is a conceal carry state, and my conservative, right wing brother says he always carries at least two guns everywhere he goes. He actually told me once that he's glad he's on his psych meds because they're the only thing that has kept him from shooting me when we've argued about politics. So, I guess he wins. No way will I argue with him about politics now. I have known him all my life and we both used to enjoy debating with each other. No more. The older he's gotten, the crazier and more dangerous. Maybe this has helped form my opinions about guns. He hasn't yet had to fight off a bad guy with those guns, but he sure is ready to shoot family members. Thank goodness for those meds!
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