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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,593

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According to Melania

"...when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder." Could it be that Melania is the richest battered woman in the world?

I am not defending her at all. It just hit me (so to speak) that maybe she's not just talking about what she's seen him do to others who dared cross him, but about what he's done, and probably continues to do, to her.

Did he just shove past everyone

To be in the front of the picture? Just saw it on CNN; wish I had video....

I can't believe I often agree with Bill Kristol these days

Remember what a lying, smarmy Bush apologist he was?

Even he can see that Trump is a phony pos who has no business being president.

So he talks to himself about himself in the third person?

"I said to myself 'This thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story'."

And Trump and himself laughed and laughed!

What's with all this "young presidency" bs?

Did pundits and news people always use this term? Or maybe it's just a way of excusing Trump's incompetence, as in, "It's okay, the presidency is still young. He'll grow into it...."

"I'm proud to be an American

Cause at least I know I'm free."

I detest that song. The words are so ridiculously self-centered.

Does that song make other people cringe like it does me?


When will CNN fire Susan Candiotti?

What a terrible hack she is!




I hardly ever watch CNN, but wow. How is it she is still working?

He knows what he's doing, and he's going to win

I found this on Facebook, and it explains very well what our President is doing.


I participated in a lock down drill today

I volunteer in my granddaughter's first grade class on Tuesday mornings, and at 8:25 a.m., the principal announced the drill over the intercom. The teacher locked the door and turned off the light as the children climbed into their coat cubbies and covered themselves with their coats. For about 10 minutes I stood in the darkened room with the teacher while 18 or 20 kids tried their best to be quiet in their little hiding places. They were amazingly quiet for first graders; the teacher had already prepared them for this moment. When it ended, the teacher praised them for being so cooperative and quiet, and then they went back to their school work.

What a crazy time we live in, when little children have to practice what to do if a gun-toting madman enters their school. It reminded me of the duck and cover drills when I was a child, during another crazy time. I hope and pray that these lock down drills eventually become a thing of the past, like the duck and cover drills did.

Fuck the 2nd Amendment!!!

I am so fucking tired of gun worshipers using the fucking 2nd Amendment to justify their 'right' to stockpile lethal weapons that are killing our children. Every other country (Australia, for instance) that has implemented serious gun control legislation has the advantage of not having, afaik, anything like the fucking 2nd Amendment to contend with.

I'm sorry, but our slave owning founders did not walk on water and the words they wrote down were not holy writ. The 2nd Amendment probably was needed 200 years ago, but it is NOT NEEDED NOW.
The gun lobby has used it to convince people that they need as many guns as they can get to hold off the coming (non-existent) invasion of the federal government. The whole thing is obscene and ridiculous and I am sick of it.

FUCK the 2nd Amendment!!!! There is nothing holy or good about it. It has become a right wing talking point that keeps anything sane about guns from happening.

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