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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2006, 07:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,606

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Well, we all knew it would end this way

There aren't even 17 honest, principled Republicans in the Senate. Looks like there are only seven. I'm sure the madman is grimacing with glee.

He just said "anominous" sources

Earlier he said that BLM protestors "ramshackled" the city. I'm pretty sure he was trying to say "ransacked".

What an idiot! How did he get through law school?

Trump is so clueless about the fact that Pence's role simply was a ceremonial one on Jan 6

that he believed, and made his supporters believe, that Pence had the power to overturn the electoral college votes. Why has no one this brought up? He played president for four (long) years, and didn't even know how the system works. Shouldn't a president know such a basic thing? Shouldn't people who run for office know basic civics?

I love how they are always saying that Democrats hate Trump

while never following that thought and asking why we might feel that way. We just hate him for no reason.

Get under your chairs???


Finally, 2020 is redeeming itself!

When asked whether tRump's blood oxygen levels had ever dropped below 90,

the "doctor" responded that no, it was never in the low 80s. Unless I missed it, he skipped right past the upper 80s while pretending he was answering her question.

Kung Flu

Watch the fucker gleefully start using this new term he just learned. I hate him.

Thank you for the hearts

I love DU.

I feel like we've all been taken hostage by hostile forces

and we never know what crazy, evil thing they're going to do next.
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