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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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With LGBTQ close friends I have opinions though I haven't normally posted here

Let me introduce myself,

I don't like to think about other people's sex lives.
I don't want to know about other people's sex lives
I don't think our government should be involved in other people's sex lives unless their actions include pedophilia or sex trafficking or sex tourism or animal abuse

that being said, I have no problem with reasonable public displays of affection between adults or between adolescences of similar ages.

I want everyone to be treated with respect
I want everyone to be treated equally under the law
I want everyone to mind their own fucking business and stop butting their noses in other people's private lives

so of course I support LGBTQ
so of course I support POC
so of course I support immigrants
so of course I support women
so of course I support religious minorities in our country including atheist and muslims
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