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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
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Update: First they took the manufacturing jobs and I didn't complain

Update: First they took the manufacturing jobs and I didn't complain
Posted by NYCALIZ in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Nov 04th 2010, 04:44 PM
because I wasn't in manufacturing labor and foreign electronics and clothing were cheaper and cars were more reliable.

Then they took the IT jobs and I didn't complain because I wasn't in IT and it meant that US companies had beefier bottom lines (my stock portfolio was booming)

Then they took the teleservice jobs and I didn't complain because I wasn't in teleservice and I almost never need customer service

Then they busted the unions and I didn't complain because I wasn't in a union and why do union workers deserve more than I have.

Then they took the medical tech jobs and I didn't complain because I wasn't in medical tech and I think too many people have too many medical tests.

Then they told us we needed to go to India to get surgery and I didn't complain because I didn't need surgery and my medical insurance premiums were lower,

So corporate profits are looking fine and there are lots of cheap foreign goods to buy.
But more than 15% of my fellow citizens are un/under employed and the US Chamber of Commerce is telling my children to move overseas for career opportunities.

Those cheap electronics weren't so cheap after all.

Borowitz share

When Trump supporters say "He says what I'm thinking," their use of the word thinking is adorable.

Why is it that Bernie won the conservative counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut

but not the more liberal counties.

He also won the more conservative counties in NYS.

It seems counter intuitive...cause after all we are told that Clinton is no different that the Republicans.

But Bernie won the only county that Mitt Romney won in Connecticut.

My mom was a single mom...with a grade school education

we survived on food stamps for many years.
English is not our first language.
My father skipped when I was 4: he supported the GOP until his dying day.
But couldn't bother to pay child support

I got scholarships to the best university in my state.
I studied a technical field paying my own way with student loans and summer jobs.
I found a job a year after graduating in the worse job market in the last 40 years.
I'm a woman so my pay has always been <80% of men with similar skills.

College students today graduating from similar schools in similar fields have starting salaries higher than my salary after 30+ years of working.

My husband is a college dropout.
He and I have been working since we were 16.
Even today I work 60+ hours weeks and for most of the last year its closer to 80 hours a week.

So yeah, it was all handed to us.

The revolution is in your hands

Start calling your congress critters to demand that they make the laws that you want.
You don't need to wait for the Presidential election to start to make change.
All you have to do to make Congress better is call them and demand change.

The only good thing about DU right now

is that the screamers are screaming at other screamers here...instead of in the real world

You all are underestimating how much independent voters hate the atmosphere of politics.
One side screaming at the other side instead of working together for real solutions.
I've been independent for my entire life for that reason:and I've heard that from other independents as well.

The truth is we don't give a shit who thinks they are right: since pretty much everyone always think they are right.

We don't expect perfect, we expect progress.
But the screaming means not progress as each side tries to win the 'I'm right and you're wrong' battle.
Instead of making any progress on a solution.

Progress on a solution even a middling solution is better than no progress.

Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters are not enemies

If you treat each other was enemies, we all lose...and far worse then that, many other people will also be harmed

I see that attraction of both sides
Clearly the ideal candidate would be neither Hillary nor Bernie but some other individual who blends both of their strengths and dilutes both of their weaknesses

But we don't have that choice.

If you say you cannot in good conscience vote for the other, at the very f'ing least vote for liberals/democratics in every other race on the ballot. Every single one.

If the democratic candidate wins, they will have more support in other levels of the government.
If the republican candidate wins (god forbid), they will have more opposition in other levels of the government.

Whatever else you do, don't sit on the sidelines and pout.

Don't reward the shit stirrers

There are shit stirrers in both camps or possibly they are shit stirrers from the other party.

They are not helping your candidate.
They are not helping the other candidate.
They are not helping democrats.
They are not helping liberals.
They are not helping the USA.

Its tempting to tit for tat
Its tempting to escalate

Resist the urge

If life gives you lemons.....

if you or someone you care about is disenfranchised from this primary season, make a vow to never again miss any election.
Fix the problem and then make sure to vote in all elections even the local multiple times a years elections.

The US middle class is in the top 1% ....

of the world economically.

As liberals, shouldn't we be equally concerned about the other human beings on our planet?
Shouldn't we be willing to share the wealth and the jobs and the industries with other countries and peoples?

We have been very privileged...and like the silver spoon portion of our society, most of that good fortune has been an accident of birth rather than something we have earned.

Trade agreements in spite of their ugly local side effects are good for the worlds populations.

The problem is not disruption due to trade agreements, it's the failure of the social safety net including job training and housing/food assistance.

We shouldn't be trade isolationists any more than we should be political isolationist.

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